Courage to change: Business Coach explains how we are in everyday life, brave - Video

Kirsten Schrick is a PhD philosopher with knowledge in systemic counseling, talk therapy and Mediation. In the first part of the Webinar, you gather with the vi

Courage to change: Business Coach explains how we are in everyday life, brave - Video

Kirsten Schrick is a PhD philosopher with knowledge in systemic counseling, talk therapy and Mediation. In the first part of the Webinar, you gather with the viewers associations with the theme of "courage", in order to make similarities and differences visible.

In the second part, Kirsten Schrick takes a closer look at the Definition of courage, and explains on the example of change. Will explores what different emotions can induce changes, and why, when, and how courage is just in the changes is so important.

In the third Part of the Webinar Schrick offers a Repertoire of methods, tasks and Exercises for the reinforcement of courage.

Here, participants can download the materials for the Seminar.

The program of the home-Sunday /iStockphoto

  • 10.28 PM: Catholic service with the Munich-based pastor Rainer Maria Schießler. The spiritual is from the media and an unconventional on-the-go.
  • 11.20 am: 12 minutes HIIT-Yoga-Workout: Athletic Flow with LeaLight. HIIT-Yoga is a mixture of interval training and Asanas - the perfect Workout for beginners.
  • 11.34 PM: What is Life Hacks really? of The CHIP editorial team has tested it. Life Hacks are complicated solutions for problems that nobody has? CHIP has tried it.
  • 11.44 PM: Finished in 5 minutes: lightning Lunch by the TV and star chef Christian Henze. A well-balanced lunch needs neither much time nor an Endless list of ingredients. Henze proves it with his Avocado omelet with coconut Tofu.
  • 11.50: Inner peace and peace of mind: Meditate with Peter Beer . Stress and duration of exposure are fatal to the mental and physical health. The psychologist and mindfulness coach Peter Beer helps you to find inner peace and clarity.
  • 12.12 PM: If kids do not want to hear: Coach Ralf Bihlmaier explains what you can do. is The Mentor and Coach shows how you can your child can better understand.
  • 12.50 PM: Workout for beginners 40 minute total body workout without equipment with LeaLight. this Full-Body Workout is in demand stamina: Crisp 40 minutes of Training has LeaLight for you in the Luggage, bring your whole body in shape.
  • 13.33 PM: So you have to craft your stylish mobile phone chain itself. DIY instructions for beginners "phone chains" or "Smartphone Necklaces" are in the Trend. Just around the shoulder, you have your phone with only one handle and always at Hand. We will show you how you can craft your individual piece itself.
  • 13.37 PM: on his luck aware. The Lockdown of our Psyche to the test. Psychologist Svenja möller man shows how we can recognize our happiness.
  • 14.22 PM: Margaret Honisch: My financial path to personal freedom. In uncertain times can be a financial cushion very soothing. Margarethe Honisch, financial blogger of the award-winning Blog, "Fortunalista," explains how you managed personally to financial freedom.
  • 15.09 PM: Nice of The head of Department of the interior, the Colorful answer feel, in spite of Corona: your questions about Beauty and Style.
  • 16.11 PM: Sweet for the soul: Back Session with "The big bake"-Star Betty. home-time is Baking time and the Pastry chef shows how to crumb biscuits to succeed.
  • 16.21 PM: Poetry Slammerin Julia Engelmann's. is A Performance that should not be missed.
  • 16.29 at Workout for joggers with Coach Kofi. Better and faster training and running thanks to power: An effective Workout for the lower body, the secret formula for a successful Jogging round.
  • 16.59 PM: Ralf Bihlmaier: If you want to lose weight, you need to your brain to trick. , Especially in this time, food is for many people a constant battle between good intentions and a bad Conscience. The Coach reveals how to avoid.
  • 17.36 PM: Breathe, Stretch and Relax: a 45 minutes Power-Vinyasa-Flow-Yoga with Victor Thiele. Deep breathing in and out, stretch and maintain your posture - there is nothing Better to bring body and mind into harmony than Yoga.
  • 18.28 PM: Business Coach explains how we become more courageous. What remains after the crisis, what are the changes? And as the crisis as a Chance? Kirsten Schrick is dedicated to your Webinar the topic of courage.
  • 19.14 PM: Sinfoglesia music that carries us through the crisis. We will give the artists a stage and get directly into our home. From just by starting Pop-classical Ensemble Sinfoglesia about the musicians, singers and composers Peter Maffay, musician Charly Klauser, Olympic champion and world champion in gymnastics Fabian Hambüchen, TV moderator Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, celebrity chef and restaurant owner Tim Mälzer, Comedian Atze Schröder up to the Entertainer Otto Waalkes : you all have to say to us just now, to give, to make this time as best as possible.
  • 19.37 PM: the perfect vegan Bolognese succeed - with a feel-good Booster. The Ökotrophologen Laura and Jan share your vegan recipe and tips to make the diet in a Home Office easier.
  • 19.45: Malik Harris, graced a Billboard in Times Square - here he sings his new Single. The 23-Year-old from Landsberg am Lech with Walk Off The Earth, Tom Odell, James Blunt on Tour. For the large home-Sunday, Harris has recorded exclusively for his new Single "When we've arrived" and other Songs.
  • 20.05 PM: Birgit Wetjen: What pitfalls lie ahead when the money system and how do I umschiffe this sent. to Err is human – in the case of the money system but expensive. Birgit Wetjen explains how it is possible, with simple strategies, a financial cushion.
  • 20.58 clock: The best Streaming series to bingen. We provide the best series that are short enough to keep you still during the lock downs through bingen.
  • 21.17 at: Petra Neftel - 3 luck factors against the Corona-Blues. , The TV host has tips on how we come through the dark time.
  • 21.45 clock: Uncomplicated, and noble: beetroot Carpaccio with salmon to TV chef Mirko Reeh. Reeh shows how easily a healthy dish that also looks classy: There's beetroot Carpaccio with salmon!
  • 21.55: The best Cocktails in self-mixing. We will show you in the Video, three different Drinks that you can mix, as long as the Bars have closed.
  • 21.59 p.m.: Blockbuster and Arthouse: these are the best films on Free TV the next two weeks.
  • 22.12 PM: Linda performing "1 in a Million". singer-songwriter Linda went with Sasha on Tour. Now Linda solo by starts. For the large home-Sunday she has an exclusive of her new Single "1 in a Million" and a Cover of the Song recorded.

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