Corona-the Numbers will explode again: We must not now make the same mistakes as Israel

The most recent case, the numbers clearly show that The country controls, especially in those second Virus wave, before the States of fear in the world. Were re

Corona-the Numbers will explode again: We must not now make the same mistakes as Israel

The most recent case, the numbers clearly show that The country controls, especially in those second Virus wave, before the States of fear in the world. Were recorded at the beginning of may, only new infections in the single-digit range, the infection numbers in the last two weeks in the height – to- last on more than 300 per day. The are half as many as currently in Germany, but in Israel only one-tenth so many people living in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Israel also mastered the crisis so well, like no other country

In a Saturday report, published by the Israeli army-intelligence, will urge a second Corona-wave warned. Without rapid containment measures, the country would therefore expect the number of new infections will increase within one month to more than 1000 per day. Then hundreds of dead were feared – a bleak scenario for a country that has been hailed as crisis-Primus.

Israel has responded in the beginning of March and quickly with drastic measures on the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The country was one of the first in the world in a strict Lockdown. Borders were closed, universities, schools, synagogues, and the international airport Ben Gurion closed, the Israelis were sitting for weeks at home and were, for a time, except for shopping and doctor visits for a maximum of 100 meters from their homes to remove. Infectious track chains track, even the domestic intelligence service Shin Bet with a mobile phone-Tracking technology that was actually developed on terror.

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Second wave: restricted zones, mobile phone Tracking and upgrading hospitals

All these measures is, however, meant that in Israel so far "only" slightly more than 300 people Covid-died 19 - the lowest death rate of all OECD countries. In a global Ranking, which evaluated the safety measures to protect against Corona, landed in Israel in April, ahead of Germany at number one. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Israel's fight against Corona in may as a "great success story".

this optimism is felt in Israel, in the meantime, nothing more. Given the significant increase in new infections, the Ministry of health has instructed hospitals in the country to open their Corona-the departments again. Several places in the country have been declared restricted zones. The controversial phone-Monitoring Corona-patients and their contacts should be re-introduced, although this had been forbidden at the end of April by the Highest court of the country for the time being.

What did the country do wrong?

Prime Minister Netanyahu lays the blame especially in the case of the Israelis themselves. Many of the citizens are to regulate negligent in dealing with a mask of duty and distance, criticized the head of the government, and recently warned, in his Cabinet speech. "If we do not immediately change our behavior, we are bringing down on us against our will a new Lockdown." On the other hand, politicians are also to blame because in Israel it seems that many ignore the Virus threat. "Return to normalcy, drink a coffee, a beer, and above all, have fun," encouraged the Prime end of may, its citizens, as he announced the re-opening of Restaurants, Bars and swimming pools in the country.

easing: "From disaster to euphoria,"

The real reason for Israel's late failure in the pandemic, many experts believe, however, that the country had to quickly and carelessly out of the Lockdown opened. "We are the pivots of the disaster directly in euphoria over. The chickens coming home to roost“, says Israeli political scientist Gil Murciano in an interview with FOCUS Online. Because of the low case, we have weighed the numbers in safety.

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Murciano, the research actually, in Berlin, the Stiftung Wissenschaft und politik (SWP), has seen the Lockdown in his home from the first day and says: "Israel has responded to the pandemic as a war-like attack: In order to eliminate the enemy – the Virus, have been mobilized all of the resources, collateral damage, disappear, and the state sealed hermetically. This has in the short term, works well. But then we have not managed simply by the Phase of the fight against Corona in a Phase of life with Corona to move on.“

virus outbreak in schools: the price of Opening new Hotspots

the Journalist Nadav Eyal, the cloned analysis of the crisis in the Israeli television, and commented on, the Exit strategy of the country had followed "the classic Israeli Thinking": "A little Information, a lot of public pressure, a pinch of populism, Tempo, and at the end of Improvisation."

The price for the Opening in a rush, are new Virus-Hotspots: Raged Corona at the peak of the pandemic in Israel, particularly in nursing homes, are now herds, especially in the schools of the country to new Infection. Nearly 200 schools were closed a few weeks after the re-opening already. Tens of thousands of students and teachers are in quarantine.

in Front of a new Lockdown by the Israeli government to back off, however, in view of the difficult economic situation, with an unemployment rate of around 20 percent. "Many Israelis are afraid," says the middle East expert Peter Lintl to FOCUS Online. "The Corona-crisis was an economic shock to Israel. For nearly two decades, knows only one thing: growth.“ To press the case, nevertheless, to pay, to violations of the mask duty will now be punished with the equivalent of 130 instead of 50 Euro.

a Cautionary tale for Europe and Germany

Whether such measures are rumreißen the rudder yet? Gil Marciano, wanted to at the beginning of March for four days, to select, in his home country of travel, and then almost four months, had to stay, believes that Israel has done many things well in the crisis. "We can, of course, delete well fires. But when it comes to clean up, it will be difficult.“

could even now be in a period of supposed relaxation of Israel to other countries is a cautionary tale. "I have experienced how dangerous it is to fall into euphoria as the crisis is seemingly over. In Germany, too, many must be asking yourself: Everything goes back to normal, I don't know anyone who was infected, so what's the point?.“ In Israel, this Thinking could be punished in the next few weeks, bitter.

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