Corona puts India to the test

On Monday (15.06.) increased the number of registered cases of Covid-19 in India, to over 330,000 by the deaths of more than 9500. In recent days, over 10,000 n

Corona puts India to the test

On Monday (15.06.) increased the number of registered cases of Covid-19 in India, to over 330,000 by the deaths of more than 9500. In recent days, over 10,000 new infections were reported. Among the countries that are most severely affected by the pandemic, is India is currently in fourth place, behind the USA, Brazil and Russia.

The urban agglomerations of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad recorded a particularly strong increase in new infections, about 130,000 of the previous cases, and about 4600 of the deceased are omitted.

crisis meetings

The Indian government has tried at the weekend on a series of special meetings to find an answer to the critical situation. Also an all-party, it was suggested Meeting. In the capital region, the authorities expect by the end of July, with an increase of cases by a factor of 20 to around half a Million.

it was "worrying", said a senior staff of the Ministry of health of the DW. "While the infection rate in some industrialized countries is falling, is increasing in India. The only glimmer of hope is that the patient recover faster, but this should not reassure us," said the Ministerial officials under anonymity.

shortage of

The government does not believe that there are beds in the States of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and in the Union territory of Delhi in the coming months, enough, intensive care units and ventilators will be.

In Delhi and Mumbai, the authorities try to build in available buildings, such as halls, stadiums, Hotels, or schools, bed stations for Covid patients, including discarded railway carriages to be prepared for it. According to the channel NDTV, the government in Delhi wants to make in the coming weeks, in this way, 20,000 additional beds. However, chief Minister Arvind Kejrival in front of the press, said: "Delhi is in need of 150,000 additional beds by the end of July, when there patients should be treated from the outside."

In the past few days, several cases in Delhi have become known in which the Sick of the hospitals successively because of bed shortage were rejected and died as a result. Including one in the eighth month Pregnant with their unborn child.

the financial capital Mumbai continues to be difficult

affected also the financial hub of Mumbai, sees around 100,000 cases, with increasing Numbers, and almost exhausted the treatment capacity faced. According to the municipal administration of the metropolis currently has a total of 1094 intensive care beds in state and private institutions, of which 1083 are assigned. Of the 464 ventilators 437 are in use. "We do our Best and are looking for additional places," said administration chief Iqbal Chahal of the DW.

Additional 8000 bed places to create Mumbai in June in a large field hospitals in different Places of the city. Private clinics should be encouraged to take responsibility, to strengthen their capacities.

New Hotspots by returnees to the country,

has The return of some 40 million migrant workers from the cities to their home villages also there are new foci of infection occur. As a result, around 30 percent of the newly reported cases in the Western state of Rajasthan in rural areas. Similarly, in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh, where one-third of the in the past three weeks, 1500 registered cases in the country occurred.

In the remote rural areas without private hospitals and medical practices must provide, on average, a doctor, and about 11,000 inhabitants. Intensive care beds are only available in Central hospitals, districts, and universities. This difficult supply situation coincides with a high proportion of concomitant diseases and malnutrition in the country.

effort required

Still, V. K. Paul, head of the government-appointed Task Force to combat Covid-19, and compared to the DW against "generalizations". One could say that the whole country was badly affected. "According to our current knowledge, the situation is only in geographically limited Parts bleak, especially in densely populated urban regions. There are still huge regions that are not affected significantly."

According to a study by the research institution "Indian Council of Medical Research," could reach the infection wave peak in mid-November. In the view of other experts in India, however, is not a vertex of the curve, but ahead of several such peaks, spread over the different regions, depending on the diffusion conditions, the Virus finds.

Lalit Kant, a former government adviser for the control of infectious diseases, said of DW, increasing infection would have been expected to pay at the end of the lock downs. The governments at Central and state level need to now concentrate all of our power, the infrastructure of their health systems expand.

author: Murali Krishnan

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Updated Date: 15 June 2020, 12:26

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