Corona-crisis pushing children into poverty - now policy is considering radical Reform

regularly published by the Bertelsmann-Foundation studies on poverty in Germany, especially for children of poverty. This time, it turns out: The Corona-crisis

Corona-crisis pushing children into poverty - now policy is considering radical Reform

regularly published by the Bertelsmann-Foundation studies on poverty in Germany, especially for children of poverty. This time, it turns out: The Corona-crisis aggravated the already existing problems. More than every fifth child, just 21.3 percent of children live in poverty.

The 2.8 million children and adolescents under 18 years of age. And that, although prior to the pandemic, the long economic high phase is actually these families would have a Good need to. But the poverty remains for years at this level. Now the crisis threatens to exacerbate the situation.

Many parents of poor children work part-time or as a mini-jobber. This is exactly the group of people that were affected by layoffs due to the Corona restrictions and are. Many children in need of state services outside of these families, approximately so school Lunches.

Corona and poverty in Germany

Also, these benefits fell by Corona away or were greatly reduced. In addition, such children may rely less than others on the Computer in the parents ' house, and can hardly Learn Online.

poverty line for families at 1000 Euro.

As the arm apply in Germany, families with less than 60 percent of the average wage. Currently, the average wage is about € 21,500 a year after taxes. Arm is, therefore, a family must come up with about 1000 Euro a month over the rounds.

The German children's charity called on the Federal government, Länder and local communities, a key issue, and introduce."Definitely not about the children-and youth work, the swimming pool or the library may not drop the savings to a victim of the crisis," said national Director Holger Hofmann.

SPD: support for day care centers required

Also, the parliamentary groups of the new study, called out on the Plan. So, the labor and social policy expert of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Katja Mast, the DW on Wednesday said: "We consistently pursue our goal of the social-democratic children's basic security. Also, in the Corona-crisis, we remain our goal, not only through the child allowance, which is credited to no social performance, but also with a further billion for the Kita-Expanding and all-day schools. All of this was only possible because of the SPD occurred in the Federal government and on course." picture-alliance/dpa F. Gentsch

children's basic security: Under this keyword, many of the approaches in the political debate, for many years. Most of the advocates of such a basic security does not mean only adequate financial hedges, but also the provision of affordable public services.

The majority of children from poor families hardly have a Chance Learn Online to - you Computer and mobile devices are missing. Above all, however, What children really need is to be independent of the Hartz Four-to calculate social assistance rates of their parents. This would mean, however, that The state must take a lot of money in the Hand. A difficult issue in the light of the Corona, with the crisis in empty state coffers.

Green: children of poverty don't ignore

Katja Dörner, Vice-Chairman and spokesperson for child and family policy group of the Greens, said the DW on Wednesday: "The Federal government must not ignore the child poverty longer. No child and young person can do something for poverty. You all have the right to participate in society, a good education and a fair chance. Poverty excludes many children from many things of everyday life for the majority of peers is quite normal."

the Green levy is the demand for a basic backup. Dörner: "The introduction of a children's basic protection of the right way to go would be here. The children's basic social security must be geared to the real needs of children and automatically and without bureaucratic hurdles will be paid."

Left: More for worker's rights, do

The Left does not believe that the level of child poverty in Germany, let alone on the Corona-crisis lead back. Party chief Bernd Riexinger said: "No child is responsible for his poverty. If especially children from a mini-job in Berne, temporary work and part-time employees are affected, is not Corona's fault."

in Spite of poverty a fair Chance for children

to be the cause of those who ensured that the parents of the children were in and out of insecure low-paid work. "Therefore, the strengthening of workers' rights, collective agreements and the increase in the minimum wage practical measures against children's poverty."

Slight increase in the minimum wage

The legal minimum wage has been increased at the beginning of the year slightly, from 9,19 to 9.35 euros per hour. Until mid-2022, it is expected to rise to 10.45 euros. In addition, the government has decided a one-off payment of 300 Euro per child, expressly because of the stresses in the Corona-crisis.

This money is to be paid out in the fall. If, however, the already poorly-paid Jobs will disappear because of the pandemic, in whole or only short-time work is possible, then this one-time payment does not help the majority of children from socially weak families.

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Date Of Update: 23 July 2020, 18:27

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