Corona-Zoff: China warns Trump in front of Cold war - a Political Virus spreads | policy

China's people's Congress is in the character of the Corona-pandemic - only state and head of government dispense with the mask. A message to Hong Kong is of

Corona-Zoff: China warns Trump in front of Cold war - a Political Virus spreads | policy

China's people's Congress is in the character of the Corona-pandemic - only state and head of government dispense with the mask. A message to Hong Kong is of concern.

late on Friday (22. May) of the people's Congress in China started. Both economic plans as well as possible new measures in Hong Kong have caused concern in the Rest of the world. the US President Donald Trump responded with a threat.

Update from the 24. May 2020: in the face of increasing tensions, China's government has warned the United States now, even before a " new Cold war ".

"we noticed that some political forces in the US, take the US-Chinese relationship hostage, and our two countries to the brink of a new Cold war," said China's foreign Minister Wang Yi in an Online press conference on the sidelines of the National people's Congress in Beijing - obviously a jab at US President Donald Trump . "In addition to the devastation caused by the new Coronavirus, there is also a political Virus that is spreading in the United States," said Wang more. This leads to the conclusion that China "will be attacked at every opportunity and slandered". "I call on the USA to stop wasting time and precious life to waste."

in addition to the dispute over the responsibility for the Corona-pandemic the relationship between the USA and China of Beijing's planned new security law for Hong Kong will be charged. the Green party chief Katrin Göring-Eckardt calls on the Federal government due to the Chinese law, plans for Hong Kong to consequences. "The Federal government should not be in dealing with China longer hasenfüßig. the foreign Minister, said Maas should request the Chinese Ambassador and him in no uncertain terms make it clear that adoption of the law will not remain without consequences,“ on Sunday.

To the Corona: China shocks the Hong Kong - Merkel suddenly in focus, USA see "death knell"

Update 22. May, 15.55 PM: China is apparently planning an even harder line in its Hong Kong policy - the democracy activist Joshua Wong has therefore asked now, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to help. He would appeal to Merkel and the German government, "with Hong Kong to stand together and to take a position," said Wong on the Friday of the image. The proposed new security law for Hong Kong, with Beijing, "all the protests and calls for democracy" could be regarded as "coup attempts" and ban, means the end of any freedom, said Wong more.

+ Angela Merkel was a guest in China in September 2016 at the G20 summit in Hangzhou.©AFP / JOHANNES EISELE

Also tried the Green , to take the Chancellor in the duty. In the future, any criticism of the limitation of Hong Kong's autonomy and freedom of expression could be punished, warned Bundestag faction boss Katrin Göring-Eckardt . "I call on the Federal government to convey Xi Jinping emphatically that adoption of the law will not remain without consequences."

The US government President Donald Trump , meanwhile, has China's planned imposition of restrictive security laws for Hong Kong as a " death strike " for the far-reaching autonomy of the metropolis referred to. Condemnation of the planned "unilateral and arbitrary" to Impose such laws, said US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Friday. The US called on China to reconsider the "devastating proposals" again, and to stick instead to the international agreements to Hong Kong's special status, autonomy, citizens are guaranteed rights and democratic institutions, it said.

To the Corona: China's national people's Congress, starts and shocks of Hong Kong and stock exchange - Trump-threatens

first message: Beijing - With a delay of two months in Beijing, Chinese people's Congress began . The annual meeting of the 3,000 delegates in the Corona-crisis - for the first time in years, the Chinese government is no growth objective . The concern aroused on the stock exchanges. Worrying many observers also find Beijing's plans for Hong Kong.

Coronavirus meets China: Bad news for the economy - Xi Jinping, despite the pandemic without a mask

Due to the Corona pandemic was postponed to the annual meeting of the 3000 delegates to the national Congress by two months, and in addition to the usual two weeks to one week have been shortened. Most of the delegates in the Great hall of the people wore on the Friday of respiratory protection masks. the head of state Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang refused, however, to the fact. The fight against the Virus is the focus of the meeting. This began with a minute of silence in memory of the death toll of the pandemic .

+ people's Congress in China: Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang on Friday at the people's Congress - without a mask.©dpa / -

The country is as a result of the pandemic, before the "enormous" economic challenges, said the head of government Li Keqiang at the start of the meeting. In view of this "large uncertainty" will focus Beijing on the stabilisation of the labour market. Li announced new debt and additional billion in spending to fight the economic consequences of the pandemic. Are planned according to him, the new Corona the government bonds in the amount of one Billion Yuan (128 billion euros). Like China, the entire world is struggling currently with the pandemic consequences.

people's Congress launched in China: Hong Kong plans concern - "this is The end"

Li announced in his government report in addition, a new security law for Hong Kong , the there is likely for new unrest. Because China's leadership wants to set up "if necessary" in the future, their own national security institutions in Hong Kong and use.

In a decision-design, it means that the Chinese special administrative region still needs to improve the institutions and implementation mechanisms for the protection of national security. If it had to be, but also the competent security authorities of the Beijing Central government offices in Hong Kong to create, "in order to fulfil the obligations concerned to safeguard the national security according to the law".

+ people's Congress in China.©Reuters / Ng Han Guan

leader of the pro-democratic forces in Hong Kong condemned the project as an attack on citizens ' rights in the special administrative region. "This is the end of Hong Kong," said the opposition MP Dennis Kwok. Also from Washington, the massive criticism of the law came to projects. the US President Donald Trump threatened with a "strong" reaction of his government. The Hong Kong stock exchange fell by more than five percent.

In the past year, there had been in Hong Kong for over seven months, mass demonstrations against the growing influence of Beijing in the special administrative region.

China: a New procedure in Hong Kong? Stock market investors are "scared right"

The planned security law should aim, in the view of observers on activities in Beijing as a subversive feel, or that might be aimed at independence. Critics see a massive attack on the principle of "one country, two systems" , after the former British crown colony since the return to China in 1997, largely autonomously managed. The Pro-democracy forces in Hong Kong fear that they will be the target of the new security law.

The news from China press on Friday, the Dax the mark of 11,000 points. "The announcements of the people's Congress have spooked investors correctly," said market expert Thomas Altmann from the asset Manager, QC partner.

Donald Trump is in a trade dispute with China. In one point, he is similar to the heads of state in Beijing - on masks also the Trump in the pandemic, to do without.


Date Of Update: 24 May 2020, 15:35