Corona: According to Lindner's gaffe - FDP falls in the survey of the Five-percent-hurdle | politics

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner has committed a few days ago, a sensational Corona faux pas. The survey will decrease the party's values. dealing with the Corona-

Corona: According to Lindner's gaffe - FDP falls in the survey of the Five-percent-hurdle | politics

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner has committed a few days ago, a sensational Corona faux pas. The survey will decrease the party's values.

dealing with the Corona-easing remains, according to expert opinion, a balancing act. Above all, the citizens are now called personal responsibility, and to keep a distance*. the FDP-Chef Christian Lindner is failed at this task after a visit to the Restaurant. The survey will decrease the values of his party (see Update 29. May 2020). Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case figures in Germany.*

Update from the 29. May 2020: a few days Ago FDP-Chef Christian Lindner had provoked a hug for the white Russian honorary Consul is a small Corona scandal. Also, a deleted Tweet on the subject of Thuringia caused a frown and Thuringia, and short-time Prime Minister Thomas Kemmerich was a performance without a gap, and a Mouth guard on a dubious Demo of a stir.

Whether coincidence or not: the FDP is for the first Time in this legislature in the ZDF-Politbarometer under the Five percent mark of the fallen . After Friday's poll, the party would in the theoretical case of a parliamentary election next Sunday only four percent , and thus a percentage point, less than two weeks ago - this is the value the party would fall for the second Time after the 2013 Bundestag out. At the election in 2017, they had reached 10.7 percent, more than twice as much.

Häme progressed on Friday from the Green: Lindner walk on "the trail of Philip Rösler successful," scoffed the Ex-Minister Jürgen Trittin. "On the 4% hard, he worked hard ...". Rösler was from 2011 to 2013, FDP leader. After the party 2013 crack the Five-percent-hurdle, he handed over the baton to Lindner.

message of 18. May 2020:

Berlin/München - Corona-crisis a lot of human suffering means also in Germany, especially for the risk groups in old people's homes, in hospitals, and for people who can now pursue their profession. All those who are not even so acute in danger, are currently encouraged to discipline and solidarity: mask, keep your distance, probably still slightly more likely to stay at home. Relaxations, in Spite of.

That everything always works, it shows up in the U-Bahn, in the case of rising temperatures on the streets and in the most exposed places. On the Bundesliga turf around. But also in the policy. Whether you like to assess situations of "mask, full-on close and in the thick of it" as a deeply human emotion or negligent thoughtlessness, it's a subjective decision.

Christian Lindner: FDP-chief issued hug without a mask - for white Russian honorary Consul

is Quite spicy so a case from the heart of political Berlin. In Berlin-Mitte, the celebrity Restaurant Borchardt , is on Friday (14. May) FDP-Chef Christian Lindner have been photographed. Not a Problem, in the capital city may just open since that day, cafes and Restaurants literally out your doors.

But the circumstances are. Because on the on Twitter circulating snapshot Lindner without a mask and in close embrace to see a report of the Berlin B. Z. according to, of all things, with Steffen Göpel , the honorary Consul of Russia know . So a representative of that country, whose dictator denied artistically talented President Alexander Lukashenko the existence of Coronavirus in its sphere of influence in part of strange way.

At the same time, the re-opening night at the Borchardt was terminated indisputable way of the police . The owner confirmed the B. Z., which have Locally exceeded the allowed opening time of at least ten minutes. The police self-reported, something explosive, of a a crowded restaurant in the French street, in which the Restaurant is located.

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner apologizes for a hug

Coronavirus: Linder miss Corona respects the rules - "I'm sorry!"

Lindner had practiced in the weeks before, again and again, harsh criticism of laxem and obviously, in fact, negligent in dealing with mouth protection and distance bid . With a view to the much-discussed Facebook Video of the Berlin professional soccer player Salomon Kalou Lindner called for such a strict punishment of "individual misconduct," said, "even football millionaires really hurts".

Whether Lindner advocated now even painful measures against himself, is not known. A misconduct he has acknowledged, anyway. "The spontaneous hug in the adoption on Friday was a mistake, as it happens among friends to a private evening unfortunately", he tweeted on Monday - just four days after the incident and after the appearance of the B. e-report. It was not the intent, but lack of concentration.

At the same time, the FDP leader took for themselves the interpretation of the deeply human for his misstep in the claim. "At the end, man remains man. I'm sorry!“

Coronavirus in Germany: Linder of Corona misstep in the middle of the debate-the fray

In the short message service came up, of course, yet criticism. The Hashtag "#Lindner" was the Toptrend on Twitter. Also theories and hypotheses of various Kinds were read. "To Borchardt people go to be seen," Packed a Userin a rather serious allegation in a relatively harmless words.

opponents of the Corona protection rules wanted to Lindner beispringen. "There is no reason to apologize," she posted a Lindner's Tweet. "We should all hug our friends when we feel like it." Lindner Social Media Team tried this supporter's butchery: "no, this is wrong", provided it is clear. "In times of Corona, we should all be in distance ."

However, the political competition to return to the days business was pressing itself. the Green-Deputy head of Jamila Schäfer about noticed, Lindner had apologised for his error - "can we deal now, please, again, content with the FDP? Thank you.“ the SPD counterpart, Kevin Kühnert even found praise for Lindner. Who would not want to "be policy machinery represents" should take the error - Lindner have led the way in scores with just such a deal.

foreign Minister Heiko Maas answered in a ARD program ask the User the last is torn in the Internet.


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Updated Date: 29 May 2020, 11:35

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