Convention on climate change : the double dEmmanuel Macron - The Point

in The aftermath of the impressive green wave that swept France in the local elections, could it be otherwise ? In front of the 150 citizens learned the fate of

Convention on climate change : the double dEmmanuel Macron - The Point

in The aftermath of the impressive green wave that swept France in the local elections, could it be otherwise ? In front of the 150 citizens learned the fate of the climate convention, gathered solemnly in the gardens of the Elysée palace, Emmanuel Macron has said : "I will go at the end of this moral contract that binds us. (...) I want that all of your proposals that are ready to be implemented quickly. "All of them, really ? Almost : the president has not put its veto on only three of them, particularly polemics : the 4% tax on the dividends, was rejected ; the reduction in speed on motorways to 110 km/h, because "the ecological transition should not be to the detriment of the communes most remote" ; and the rewriting of the preamble of the Constitution, which provided for placing the rights of the environment above all other. "You are proposing a humanist project, was surprised that, Emmanuel Macron. I do not wish to take back this proposal because it would be contrary to our values. (...) This is not consistent with the project and the philosophy of the Enlightenment which concern our Republic. "

The consistency, yet this is claimed by the members of the Convention, who feared to see the government draw "on the map" in a corpus of measures designed, according to them, as a whole. How to satisfy them, without, however, validate some of the proposals that are described by several experts as "unworkable" or even "fanciful" ? With skill, Emmanuel Macron has not chosen. His long speech, pronounced in a rural setting, before a long session of hugs with citizens delighted to be welcomed so warmly, leaves reality open to all options, the recovery of the 146 proposals of the convention on climate change remaining far from being acquired.

Communities, and parliamentarians receive the "hot potato"

In a first time, a council of defense green will be held, " by the end of July ", which should enable it to resume the proposals under the regulatory scope. "This includes a few special aspects of the energy-efficient renovation ", details a familiar folder, "and the proposals on education, training, transparency, education to the environment..." important subjects, but rather consensual, so will be the first to find a practical application. Then, some measures will be incorporated into the recovery plan that will be submitted to Parliament at the end of the summer ", where they will be debated and amended. For the rest... The proposals of the convention are referred to a wider debate, with the different actors of the society.

The local communities, first, at the forefront of important proposals : to increase the number of park and ride facilities, to prohibit polluting vehicles, introducing environmental clauses in public procurement... Or controversy limitation of the soil degradation, the primary cause of the erosion of biodiversity. Their representatives will be invited to translate, with the members of the Convention, their proposals in their texts. "It is very clever on the part of Macron," says an observer : "The mayors who grant the building permit or that accept projects from shopping centers to attract the jobs are going to be forced to take a position. Some appear green, while constructing it all goes on the farmland ! "

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other proposals are very sensitive will animate the debates of the Assembly. A draft of the specific law will be presented at the end of the summer to integrate the measures in the legislative field, " including those that still need to be refined or supplemented ", such as the prohibition of advertising for products that are most emitters of greenhouse gases, the creation of vouchers for food for the poor can eat organic, support strengthened for the acquisition of clean vehicles... Of working groups involving the conventionnaires parliamentarians will be put in place as early as next week, in order to develop. And change it ? "This does not shock me, I never considered that the Convention should propose measures that could not change," says Melanie Cosnier, one of drawn.

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The real debate begins

Some of the proposals, finally, have an outcome even more uncertain : those within Europe (introduction of the carbon tax at the borders, greening of the common agricultural policy...) or international law (trade agreements, etc.)" This change of society, of model, this is not the case of the government, simply Parliament, this is not the case of texts, it is the commitment of a whole nation in all its components ", said Emmanuel Macron. If the State is doing its part by engaging as soon as the stimulus package "of 15 billion euros additional 2 years" for the ecological conversion of the economy, a consensus remains to be established on the most controversial, or structural.

The 150 citizens drawn at random, invested for nine months of a "mission" that " they have taken very seriously ", say that they are ready to continue the work. "It is a bit of a surprise, I wasn't expecting this ", was surprised Lambert Allaerd at the end of the speech. "But it is a good thing. Finally, we only had seven weekends to work... "

By 2021, if discussions are held with the communities or to the Assembly, Emmanuel Macron reserves the right to submit certain measures to the approval of the French, in a referendum in the form of multiple choice questions... " This is not what he wanted to do even before we start our work ? "Remembers, suddenly, one of the participants.


But who can say, in six months, how has changed opinion ?

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