Conclusion with pigs-Squeeze? Which would mean a meat tax

close the pigs are in their pens on the farm of farmer Heinrich Gabriel in Höxter. 2940 sows are bred within a period of only four months to just under 100 poun

Conclusion with pigs-Squeeze? Which would mean a meat tax

close the pigs are in their pens on the farm of farmer Heinrich Gabriel in Höxter. 2940 sows are bred within a period of only four months to just under 100 pounds of carcass weight. In the year, almost 7300 of Gabriel's animals of land, the total amount of the slaughter.

to see a Lot of not get a conventional fattening pig up to its purpose. On gap soils, through which the animal excrement is discharged, move the sows to their legally prescribed to 0.85 square meters, the light of day, there is not a little spout at all. "Meat production is an industry that is based, like any other strong to the costs and Benefits," said Gabriel in an interview with FOCUS Online.

Many people are outraged of this industrial character, the reason for according to strong demands for more animal welfare – and not only since the Corona scandal at meat giant Tönnies.

animal welfare output: would you like to set for the consumer

mean Only on your wallet, want to many consumers, despite their awareness for animal welfare, reluctantly. The organic share of pig meat in Germany in 2018, according to information from the "Federation of the Organic food industry" in under one percent. Overall, the organic portion was Red meat to just two per cent of the total volume. Organic meat is in Germany, so, despite the ongoing discussions about animal-friendly companies and conscious nutrition are still a niche product.

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in order To Problem-awareness on the one hand, and the behavior of the consumer on the other hand, in accordance, will be discussed in the policy, therefore, an old idea re: the animal welfare levy. Also, Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) promotes the meat tax that the consumer should pay for every Kilo of meat to a charge of 40 cents.

it Goes according to the Plan of the Minister, should be given the additional tax revenue to the farmers for the development and Expansion of their stables. For the individual consumer would make of the state measure, probably only noticeable. Approximately 60 kg of meat for each citizen consumed on average in the year. At 40 cents premium per kilogram and would amount to the cost more a year to a maximum of 24 Euro if the tax would be fully passed on to the consumer. dpa/Friso Gentsch/dpa/icon image of pigs in a barn.

Overall, the citizens of the Federal Republic of manoeuvre in the expenditure for food in a European comparison, in the lower third, less than 10 percent of the income is spent. A fact, the Klöckner criticized already at the beginning of the year, in connection with the consumption of meat in Germany. "For an ordinary engine oil, car drivers pay a willing 40 euros per Liter, while salad oil, two euros are too much," she said in January.

More space, straw in the stables and outdoor areas for more outlet

However, as the farmers would use the money from the tax revenue? Also farmer Gabriel is in favour in principle for animal welfare.

in addition to more space would, in his opinion, "soft berths with straw and attached outdoor areas, ways to improve the fattening conditions". But all this costs money. Alone for the transition to straw he would have to rebuild his stables over a large area, to be able to dirty straw with clean and regularly replace.

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Whether this could be everything by a animal tax of Finance, looks at Gabriel skeptically. For his almost 7000 pigs to the fattening operators per year could be expected 275.500 euros from the state. At the same time, the cost per Mast would rise by the higher requirements from the current level of 500 up to 1000 Euro. Fully Fund the reconstruction measures were, therefore, well.

animal-friendly meat production: It needs a European solution

in addition to the question of the uncertain financing of the animal detects the operator, the mast is still another Problem: the trade. He is sure that the large food chains in the event of a price increase rely simply on cheap meat from abroad: "The stables are built in Germany, but on the other side of the border. We can not destroy it alone the whole of our agriculture,“ he urges us.

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That there is an EU-wide solution for animal welfare, its also the Minister for agriculture to Klöckner is aware of. She headed on Monday for the first time during the German presidency of the EU in the negotiations of the EU-agricultural Ministers. One of its main objectives is a European animal welfare license plate, to provide consumers shopping more orientation.

Both with the labelling of animal welfare levy, it is expected to take on the European level, but still something. Klöckner warned against the expectation, there could be a "quick shot this year", say, "every Yes". "We need a national animal welfare consensus that lasts longer than a parliamentary term, and we need to clarify a lot of this in advance with the EU Commission," the Minister said.

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