Comment: the king of The world looks old

A divorce. An Engagement. A son is born. Narrowly escaping death. In the meantime the UK from the EU, and against a pandemic in a fight. All of this within only

Comment: the king of The world looks old

A divorce. An Engagement. A son is born. Narrowly escaping death. In the meantime the UK from the EU, and against a pandemic in a fight. All of this within only one year.

It is really a lot of what she had to deal with Boris Johnson. In his dream job: "king of the world" did he want to as a Boy, always will be, writes to his sister Rachel Johnson in your family biography. Be a role model Winston Churchill, about whom he has also written a book.

But it is becoming increasingly clear: Johnson is not able to cope with the challenges. He is a Populist, a man of Grand Gestures, no prudent state leaders that embarked the country with a steady Hand through the crises. With his empty promises, his smoke and mirrors he is corrupting the Land - the complain, now even die-hard Conservative.

A shambles after the other

The balance after one year: Devastating. Basically, there are except for his election victory is nothing, what he's done well so far. Although he has celebrated the exit from the EU as a success, but in the meantime, it is to be feared that by the end of the year, not a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU is negotiated, and the UK in free fall permanently from the Alliance cracks. Alone in the auto industry that will probably cost tens of thousands of jobs. Truck queues on the borders, maybe even a shortage of fresh food - such problems could come in a few months on the British.

From the supposedly fast-trade agreement with the USA will probably be nothing. And instead of a "Golden Era" with China, the British government was forced to place the extradition Treaty with Hong Kong on the ice, and so to go on a collision course with Beijing. In a world where the dividing lines between the major powers will always be sharper, seems the UK all at once lonely.

Also this week, why not let others know Russia-report of the British Parliament throws no good light on Johnson. It was about possible influence of Russia, among other things, on the Brexit Referendum. Russia is a significant threat to the United Kingdom, concluded the Deputy and defendant that the government would not take this risk seriously enough.

Just Johnson's Conservative benefit of donation to a political party of London-based oligarchs; for a tennis match with Johnson, the wife of a Putin-Familiar donated over a hundred thousand pounds. Several million spent on such and similar Ways, so far, in the party's coffers.

I also question that Johnson is the publication for months delayed and in vain had tried, one of his most loyal, but unable to force Tory colleagues to the chairmanship of the intelligence Committee, withdrawing. The impression is made that political calculation, not competency plays in the awarding of the most important Post in the country, the biggest role is - to a similar pattern, Johnson has filled his Cabinet with a bunch of Brexit-faithful.

The king looks old

The result: Nothing to be running around. The current main theme, the combat of the Corona pandemic, dragged Johnson from a breakdown in the next. The UK has one of the world's highest death to complain about rates, and at the same time is affected economically in its international comparison with the most. The messages of the government are unclear, for example, it is opaque, when, where, and why people should wear masks, here are the instructions to change constantly. Experts fear that the Lockdown was relaxed too early, and soon with a second wave, similar to that in the United States, is.

If as a consequence of this failure in the future, the Scots break away - a clear majority, in the meantime, for the detachment from the Union, and then especially the guilt of Johnson's would be. The "king of the world", looks after only a year on his throne, very old.

author: Birgit Maaß (London)

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Date Of Update: 24 July 2020, 22:26

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