Coffee-to-go: I wanted to protect the environment, and brought my health in danger

And yet. the amount of on-the-Go mug for hot and cold drinks since the turn of the Millennium tripled: 110,000 tonnes of waste was generated in Germany for the

Coffee-to-go: I wanted to protect the environment, and brought my health in danger

And yet. the amount of on-the-Go mug for hot and cold drinks since the turn of the Millennium tripled: 110,000 tonnes of waste was generated in Germany for the to-go beverage packaging Thus, the Cup has overtaken the plastic bag as a Waste in everyday life.

In Germany uses and disposed of, statistically, each consumer 130 disposable cups for soda, beer, coffee or tea per year. In the case of hot coffee, tea, cocoa – based beverages – so that power consumption of approximately 60 cups per capita per year. On average, a Cup is to be used only 15 minutes before he wanders into the garbage.

in addition, already in the manufacture of resources used could be much better used. Most of the disposable cups for hot drinks are made of cardboard with a plastic coating. For the production of a lot of wood, water and energy is needed. A year ago, this energy would be sufficient for the supply of a small town, so the German environmental aid.

Since I don't want to join in – and carrying around since my last birthday, the gift of a friend with me: a stylish Coffee-to-go-cups made of bamboo.

What are the Alternatives?

The bamboo cups like to be sold as an ecologically better Alternative. They look chic and don't weigh much – will fit so well in the purse. What is not entirely unimportant, because I have my own to-go mug with you always.

But was not clear to me: He could harm my health. Stiftung Warentest has taken the bamboo Cup in 2019 under the microscope and came to a devastating result:In the Test of twelve bamboo seven were assessed for cups with "deficient" because it charges illegal amounts of pollutants, when they were filled with hot liquids. "They represent a high security risk and is not expected to lead in the sale," says the auditor.

it is clear to me: I will not use my birthday gift – the to-go cups made of bamboo-due to health reasons for coffee. Not going to throw away I it but also, for cold drinks, it is suitable indeed. But what do I transport my coffee? The column "small steps to save the world"

the earth's climate is changing. Our interaction with the planet and its resources has contributed to this. If we want to save the earth, we must rethink – in the Large, as well as in the Small.

that is Why we take on in this column, each week, a consumer theme and ask ourselves: that Is also sustainable? We would like to reflect on our own behavior, and so maybe also the one or the other pulse pass.

All follow our column, you can find here.

they also Make experiences in everyday life on the subject of sustainability, what it is, perhaps, not the right answers, or advice have found? Then you can write to us at We look forward to your ideas!

thermo cups better?

In search of possible Alternatives, I came across the old well-known thermo Cup. Ökotest examined in 2016, numerous thermo Cup. The auditors placed more weight on the promised insulation of the Cup – considered, but also the pollutant shares by plastic.

Six Coffee-to-go cups to the test program mastered for the test criterion is Isolation "good". It was investigated here whether the mug to keep the coffee really nice and warm and if you burn yourself when Holding the Cup of the Finger.

In the plastic parts of the two cups, the Tester found shares of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Otherwise, the examination results were very good: the cups did not contain any plasticizer in the plastic elements of concern were heavy metals. Coffee-to-go-cups made of stainless steel [display]

Faminess coffee mug for on-the-go Coffee to go thermo Cup black 500 ml

Alfi 5817.278.035 Coffee-To-Go drinking Cup isoMug Perfect, stainless steel-Green

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Contigo thermos buy mug Huron Snapseal stainless steel insulated Cup, leak-proof


mug made of stainless steel, glass, and porcelain

best to buy a tank made of stainless steel are suitable Glass, and porcelain. They are for contact with hot beverages, as well as containers made of low-emission plastics. Even though porcelain cups are not for on-the-go-so-practical points because of its flavor stability. It is important that the manufacturer specify the type of materials used. There is nothing wrong with reusable cups made of polypropylene (PP). Make sure resistance on to heat.

a Coffee to-go cups made of porcelain, glass and stainless steel [display]

To-Go Coffee-to-Go-Cup, 2-piece, 350 ml, Premium porcelain/silicone by Villeroy & Boch

Neon-Kactus coffee Cup glass buy Now,, reusable, yellow, (other colors available)


Isosteel VA-9591TQ To Go mug 0.36 L vacuum-buy vacuum Cup, 18/8 stainless steel, free of plasticizers (BPA)

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What is a Deposit system for to-go brings the Cup?

For people who have absolutely no desire to own a mug around with them, but in spite of the environmental waste you want to save, is a Deposit system is a solution.

The fear of plastic cups to be loaded with germs is unfounded. A study of the Hochschule Rhein-Waal shows that reusable cups was unlikely to be a Hygiene risk: "It could be demonstrated that the potential for bacterial contamination due to reusable coffee cups in comparison to the possible risks of a poorly maintained machine is negligible."

The rinsing of the reusable mug the main source of environmental pollution. This burden is in the gastronomy and in the case of other Deposit models, but quite normal and the remedy is easy: The machine is always fully loading and saving programs.

Large cities show how to do it

In the major German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, the Germany-wide Deposit system of the company RECUP is becoming more and more. For one Euro I can take the Cup, and at all participating shops, cafes, or bakeries give back. An App helps to find the shops in the vicinity.


it is also quite simple, has a Café-owner from Bielefeld to prove. She has developed her very own Deposit system, and short-hand jars of jam to to-go cups converted. "I was constantly in search of Alternatives to the cardboard or plastic Cup, and I looked at several different jars. Now it is a mixture of Wake - up and Jam jar become.“

My personal conclusion

I'm going to try my coffee again, more often, to drink in porcelain cups in a Sitting. I studied in Vienna and during these years, a lot of time in coffee houses spent. It was fun, alone or in company, to drink my Melange. At the time, I never would have guessed the idea, to me the coffee anywhere take.

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Date Of Update: 27 June 2020, 14:27

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