Clinics expect for months with Corona-crisis operation | policy

not to overwhelm The hospitals, is a Central goal in the fight against Corona. In the meantime, gently again, more regular treatments are to be possible. The re

Clinics expect for months with Corona-crisis operation | policy

not to overwhelm The hospitals, is a Central goal in the fight against Corona. In the meantime, gently again, more regular treatments are to be possible. The relaxation of the speech, but it is not.

Berlin (Reuters) - operations to run again, fewer beds will remain for Corona-cases blocked: The clinics make the first steps towards normalization and have for months with a operating in crisis mode.

"The Corona pandemic is not over yet," said the chief Executive of the German hospital society, Georg Baum, the German press Agency. "Kept free of personnel and intensive capacities are required - also for a possible second wave in the autumn." A return to the rule of supply as before the Corona was until well into next year certainly not possible.

a Total of less Covid would-19-patient, you occupied in the meantime, fewer intensive care beds with artificial respiration. The capacities are still severely limited - namely, because of the requirements for a consistent infection prevention. So a supply in a multi-bed room is barely possible, said the tree. There is also much higher per-case costs, because the Corona was not separated to be in the Intensive care and bed stations will be required. Also, the staff must then be used so far as possible separated.

Overall, the number of free beds is intense, therefore, compared to the prior two months of 2000 decreased there patients with other diagnoses as Covid-19 are now available. There are also increasingly severe operations, which are, in principle, can be pushed. In the emergency rooms, a significant increase in the number of patients with all disease patterns can now be observed again.

the Federal government and the States had asked hospitals in mid-March, all of the planned OPs and recordings to suspend. This should provide, especially in intensive care units as a precautionary measure, to free beds for Corona-patients. In view of the slower Virus spread, the policy called for in April and then to step way back and more surgeries and other critical treatments to be incorporated. The background are also Concerns that patients postpone other treatments.

Since March, a total of around 30,000 Corona is likely to have been patients in the clinics are treated, of which nearly 15,000 patients in intensive care. "We still have not reached normal capacity utilization," said tree. Currently, 1,500 patients corona were due to the in hospitals, including nearly 400 in intensive care medicine. According to the Register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine (Divi) nationwide are currently more than 11,000 intensive care beds free.

On the intensive care units, the utilization is still reduced, explained the hospital society. Beds in previous years were free intense, always close, are now depending on the state, between 25 and 45 percent free. The reason for this is that hospitals have increased the number of intensive care beds due to Corona. In addition, the minimum have now been exposed to the requirements for the occupation with the nurses, so that intensive care beds rarely need to be locked because of it.

In the months of the Corona-crisis clinics observed that part up to 30 per cent fewer patients with heart attacks and strokes in the emergency departments came. These were, however, mainly patients with milder disease, but also supposedly lighter. "Patients with severe diseases have also been in the pandemic period hospitals treated," said chief Executive tree.

doctors President Klaus Reinhardt is also in favour of in the light of the Corona experience a permanent crisis buffer in the clinics. "Hospitals are not businesses, in which one optimizes, as in a manufacturing operation, only the load", said the head of the Federal chamber of physicians of the dpa. "We must always maintain a certain Excess capacity and, of course, to Finance, to be able to react to a crisis appropriately." It was like the fire brigade: "it does not cost you money, even if it is in use. But if there's a fire, there is you fast."

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