Chaos as a constant: A book about a capital city that is in love with Failure

Berlin is top. Berlin achieved in many sectors of the world. Berlin is located in the Rankings, often at the very front. "Nowhere else in the waiting times at

Chaos as a constant: A book about a capital city that is in love with Failure

Berlin is top. Berlin achieved in many sectors of the world. Berlin is located in the Rankings, often at the very front. "Nowhere else in the waiting times at the citizens' offices are longer, schools are in a state of disrepair, the building sites, chaotic, the responsible loopy as in the Federal capital," added Lorenz Maroldt and Harald martenstein. For this Thesis you have worn in your Berlin-Buch, hundreds of Occupy together. It is a haven of "an authoritarian state without the powers that be". A "city of Despair and be happy".

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So the two roads on which to ride a Bicycle, such as the participation in a propellant is hunting to tell – "in the role of the rabbit". Of a city, the plundering of large families. Earlier, they were known as "for example ,Hohenzollern', nowadays, they have mostly Arabic names". From a public service that could provide in the Corona of a crisis just four percent of its employees ' full ability to work in a Home Office. A metropolis in the making money kind of disgusting subject does not appear, money to spend, but strange. Maroldt, editor-in-chief of the Berlin "Tagesspiegel" and marten stone, a columnist at the "daily mirror", has succeeded in a double sense, a spirit of Empire book. Funny and clever.

investors successfully scare away

there is One Problem, however: a Few days after the release of the book, the first update would actually. For Berlin, the self-gewähnte world city, has just lost the "Fashion Week" in Frankfurt am Main. The authors have sensed something, apparently, and her work as a precautionary measure, with the title of Berlin provided "in 100 chapters, of which, unfortunately, only 13 were done". The Berlin-based miss success story is a Never-Ending Story. The recent news for the fashion fair would probably have been something for the "anathemas of the Berlin politicians, against the greed for profit of private investors".

Steinmeier? "They will not work on bell"

Nothing, but with the System. A properly to the Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter-Steinmeier – his character, after all, head of state – addressed a letter never came. With the message "Name is not on bell" went to the consignment Return. The energy supplier Gasag showed a special understanding of the Service, as he assured a dead friendly: "Also at your new place of residence we are here for you." Deceased often come only with great delay and under the earth, because the Offices are overloaded, unfortunately, a waste of people iden nevertheless, also in this city again and again. Only it can take 38 days, until a death certificate is delivered. Ullstein, The authors Lorenz Maroldt and Harald Martenstein

Chaos as a political constant

no Matter who is in what station wagon in Berlin to Say this: Chaos is the great constant. If Red, shape of dark red, Green, Black, or pirates, politics, power as – the image of the book – hardly a difference. Speaking of difference: out Expecting to Berlin from the gross domestic product of the Republic, it would not sink, but rise, calculated by the Institute of the German economy some years ago time. Also, since Berlin is so unique.

"The tourists are a significant economic factor. In Berlin, this means: You don't like you“, report the two journalists. In concrete terms? In a police report, you can find an example: "man pissing from Jannowitzbrücke to ship injured four tourists." So it goes in the capital.

Successfully in the category "self service"

Nothing works in Berlin? You can't say apparently. For some, it even runs extremely well. For example, a rock representative of the Senate, through its activities, the paper reported. Organized a rock the competition: "The rock officer was also very impressed by himself, he won the competition and was fired."

for This case, with its hard starting, apparently, atypical. The rule in the case of the Berlin scandals is, in fact, so teach Maroldt and marten stone, "the phenomenon of the soft landing". A Senator for the interior, Heinrich Lummer was involved years ago in a nasty scandal. For the "during the affair suffered Stress" was the man then, so the two of them, "compensated". In the CDU, he rose to his resignation as Vice-Chairman. "Soon after that, he was President of the Institute for democracy research in Würzburg, an office for which hardly anyone was as qualified as he is."

talks like a cold shower

When the reading comes to the suspicion of "Hey, now, you exaggerate, so bad it can't be ordered yet, be the capital". The Google sample, but from time to Time: "Dit is Berlin."

there are these typical dialogues in the capital, acting from time to Time like a cold shower. Question: "If I turn to the right, then as the train station Greifswalder Straße?" Answer: "The is too as, wennse not turn." Or: a passenger enters with bill the Bus. "Se hick from a savings Bank?" After a few years in Berlin, Munich or Cologne Normalton as an embarrassing Anschleimen of the others is the acclimatized Berliner-by-choice or non-acclimated Berliner-by-Choice. A feeling of strangeness arises.

A double-hard fate, the Berlin have to suffer with your large airport. Because wherever you are in the world – a small talk the brand "Is your airport actually finally finished" being with you. Marten stone and Maroldt are reminiscent of the early days of the tragedy in the spring of 2012, as the opening party in all the appointment of Major of the city calendars, status and the Illusion of an imminent opening was maintained up until the very end. "The rejection letter came ten days before the planned bash", report. In your newspaper, in the "daily mirror", you pedantic after "2932 days" are up to today, since the non-opening passed. And hope they announce the currently "141 days until opening". Up to a possible cancellation would, according to Berlin standards it is still quite a lot of time.

"capital of the impositions"

The puzzle Time and again: What is wrong in the world in this "capital of the impositions"? Maroldt-marten, stone-summarize the answer in one sentence: "This city is in love with Failure, literally." And nevertheless – or just therefore – don't want to leave quite a lot and most of all.

The book is almost 300 pages long and pretty thick, but loose in two long evenings to be away. It is a typical Berlin attitude, so motzig-schnoddrig , written. For the book is what the authors say about their town: "it's never Boring certainly never." For two reasons, however, it is recommended that the reading over a longer period of time – say a week – to stretch. First of all, The Gags are great, ignition is almost all but overdosed passage way, which can lead to slight fatigue. And: impressions from the true Berlin no good to make out of well-meaning and in good faith, people full-blown cynic to. To have other times, they warned of the Berlin Virus.

Harald Martenstein and Lorenz Maroldt:

Berlin in 100 chapters, of which, unfortunately, only 13 finished

288 pages, 19.99 Euro

ISBN: 9783550200106 Started Corona much earlier on? Satellite images from Wuhan to answer to provide FOCUS Online/Wochit Started Corona before? Satellite images from Wuhan to answer

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