Candidate for the CDU presidency in an Interview: you Can Merz with women, sir?

Friedrich Merz, in these days of green-friendly and more liberal than many had seen him yet. There's some Surprise is inside. Even more exciting is the questio

Candidate for the CDU presidency in an Interview: you Can Merz with women, sir?

Friedrich Merz, in these days of green-friendly and more liberal than many had seen him yet. There's some Surprise is inside. Even more exciting is the question of how the 64-Year-old – one of the three candidates for the party presidency – to engage current contentious issues of the CDU.

The proposal for a quota of women for Board positions is roiling the CDU. The SME Union, for example, rejects the proposal rigorously. It is still not very clear, as in the CDU, anger and joy spread.

so Far, Friedrich Merz had a weigh-in to the advance speed. In an interview with FOCUS Online, he takes the first position.

He also explains how he approaches his old saying to Klaus Wowereits homosexuality ("as Long as Wowereit me, I don't care!") rating.

FOCUS Online : you Can with women, Mr. Merz?

Friedrich Merz (Gets a slight fit of laughter). Yes, I think so.

FOCUS Online on her relationship to Germany's most important woman, Angela Merkel, was for many years, as a tense ...

Merz: That's right. But you speak in the past tense.

FOCUS Online As Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in front of one and a half years in the struggle for the CDU presidency against them won, many have analyzed, that she has won, especially in women. That was your analysis?

Merz: it wasn't that simple. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had a disproportionate support among women. But I didn't get 48.3 percent of the vote, if I had "only" chosen men.

dpa/Michael Kappeler Friedrich Merz and his wife, Charlotte

FOCUS Online The CDU controls may be a large change. The Charter Commission proposes: - For positions on the Board up to 2025 stage of a women's quota introduced by 50 percent. Many in your party hope dearly to it, others are appalled. And You?

Merz: , I Also take a great unrest in the party. The last part of the discussion process has only just begun. It will be decided in December on the Federal party conference in Stuttgart. We can't postpone this important topic. We need to reach that overall, more women are willing to put in the CDU work. The Problem we should solve from the bottom up, not from the top down.

"The CDU has of catching up to do"

FOCUS Online : What do you mean with "bottom-up"?

Merz : we must succeed in ensuring that more women operate in the political work as members of and Active on all levels of the party. Since our biggest deficit is. The effect on the representation in political bodies and parliaments. There's no question that The CDU has of catching up to do.

FOCUS Online , but the CDU argued already for years! With the known puny success. And all the Attempts to regulate something by "quorums" and voluntary solutions have come to nothing.

Merz: The Experiments were, in fact, not very successfully. The proportion of female members in the CDU is still about a quarter. The proportion of women in the Union group is even slightly lower. This is not a success story. Should we even speak about a better Motivation of the party to move here is really something. It is clear that If we want to remain in Germany, a majority, have to join more women, especially young women.

the rate Is now Hopp or top?

FOCUS Online as I have always understood: How they are now available for quota for female Board members? Hopp or top?

Merz: I don't remain skeptical, odds are the "top". Quotas are at best a second-best solution. I do not reject the proposal of the Charter Commission, but from the outset. Maybe there are better solutions. Now, it is important to find with the party together is a really viable and consensual response. But it is clear that We must move forward.

FOCUS Online : There is one already in the present proposal by the back door. Of the quota can be deviated from if there is not enough women run.

Merz: I wouldn't call that "back door", but as a logical consequence. Because of better opportunities for women – we all want – must not be a discrimination of men. It would also be legally vulnerable.

Röttgen says "Yes," what do you say?

FOCUS Online : An elected Chairman Norbert Röttgen would recommend to the delegates the approval of the quota proposal. He has already said. Armin Laschet, no Position is handed down. So, what would be expected of an elected Chairman, Friedrich Merz to?

Merz : A Chairman, Friedrich Merz would strive to achieve a broad consensus for a proposal that will contribute to achieve the goal of a higher participation of Women. A controversial discussion in the next few weeks is okay. But in the end, we should be able to find a solution that as many people as possible as co-sponsors. That would be my goal.

FOCUS Online : For direct candidates to the Charter Commission proposes a quota for women in any case only as a recommendation. Right?

Merz: The establishment of open-air meetings in the constituencies in their decisions. You can't specify by directions from the top.

More women than "need of the hour"

FOCUS Online In your party are some pretty pissed off because of the quota plans. You have the impression that more conservative positions in the CDU no place. Some had hoped for you. What is your message to this group?

Merz: , This group can count on me. But I don't close my mind to the obvious problems. In the Other: The greater participation of women in the work of our party has nothing to do with progressive or conservative, but is simply a commandment of political reason.

FOCUS Online Also in the economic part of the progress of women is hardly. 90 percent of the members of the management Board in the 188 largest listed companies in this country are men. Many companies are not ashamed also, as the target rate, simply change "null" to specify.

Merz: in my professional practice, I know that this is a very difficult topic. There are companies that can't make it objectively at the time, to bring more women in leadership positions, because the necessary personnel are missing. Want to now law rules, is an extremely reckless maneuver.

women in the economy: More of the same?

FOCUS Online : the Federal Minister for family Affairs, Franziska Giffey (SPD) has a concrete proposal: German companies whose boards of Directors consist of four or more persons, will in the future appoint at least one woman in the Board of Directors. How do you see that?

Merz: If the time was so easy! As Mrs Giffey wants to solve that has to do with the real life nothing. The experience of the stock exchange company listed shares, quotas would have to actually think to give also woman Giffey. You do neither the women nor the company a Favor.

FOCUS Online : Well, More so?

Merz: no, of course not. State-owned enterprises should be preceded by a longer period of time with a good example. From these experiences we could derive for the private sector recommendations for action. The economy will and must take more women in leadership responsibility.

Wowereit-remark "not today"

FOCUS Online : you Currently get Yes, some of the Utterances of earlier days. You said years ago with a view to the then Governing mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit (SPD), and his homosexuality "as Long as Wowereit me not approaching, I don't care!". How do you see today?

Merz: it was a humorously-intended remark that I would make today. Sexuality is a private matter. Our society has become more tolerant, and that is a good thing.

"The lesbians and Gays belong to us"

FOCUS Online : The Statute Commission of the CDU recommends that the lesbians and Gays in the Union (LSU) as a so-called special organization a permanent place in the party. Is that okay for you?

Merz: This is not only perfectly fine, but in my view, overdue. The lesbians and Gays in the Union, of course, to us.

FOCUS Online : you Will advertise for the proposal?

Merz : I will fight to ensure that the proposal is accepted. But I assume that this will not be necessary, because the party is obviously indisputable. According to Söders K-announcement Merz draws - and is even FOCUS Online/Wochit According to Söders K-announcement draws Merz and

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