Bosien, Croatia, Serbia, Hampered by national interests

On the 21. June will take place in Serbia's parliamentary elections. Regardless of the government of the neighbouring Montenegro decided, on the basis of an ep

Bosien, Croatia, Serbia, Hampered by national interests

On the 21. June will take place in Serbia's parliamentary elections. Regardless of the government of the neighbouring Montenegro decided, on the basis of an epidemiological analysis, especially to open the country's borders for citizens of some countries. That Serbia is not among them, implies for the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić that Serbs in Montenegro "undesirable". Serbia will defend the interests of the Serbian people, she explained.

foreign Minister Ivica Dačić and the Kosovo issue out of the hat moved, meanwhile, once again; the former Serbian province was the core of the Serbian national interest, Serbia will not give up its resistance against the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. Serbia was hindered "by national interests," summarizes the well-known sociologist Vesna Pešić.

While the divided and weak Opposition claims, in the land of an anti-dominate-democratic radicalism, promises President Aleksandar Vučić higher salaries in the healthcare sector and visited construction sites. The prelude to the election campaign, he committed suicide in an empty room with a 286 screens, on which his followers applauded.

Many in Serbia, the grotesque find. But that doesn't change the fact that the ruling "Serbian progressive party" SNS and your boss are in control of the country's total. The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church announced Vučić humble "son of God".

proceedings against Whistleblower

A Whistleblower, made public that the father of the police Minister bought weapons from Serbian production at a preferential price and sold to third parties. A court's opened proceedings against the Whistleblower.

In its annual report, in 2019, the European Commission came to the conclusion that the reforms of recent years have not contributed in Serbia to combat corruption. The recent report of the liberal U.S. non-governmental organization Freedom House classifies the EU-candidate state as a Hybrid between democracy and dictatorship. The European Commission and reporters without borders, see the similar.

a Similar campaign methodology

In neighboring Croatia, are on 5. July elections. Even if the country is a member of the EU: methodology of the campaign is strikingly similar to that in the EU candidate state Serbia. Last week, the constitutional court approved the use of the Symbol by the Nazis after the occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941-appointed "Independent state of Croatia" (NDH) during a concert. Also in the official coat of arms of a unit of the Croatian military, the Symbol of the collaborators is allowed. For his open criticism of this neglected History of the state was called President.

Croatia was smart enough to arrange not to commemorate the victims of the so-called tragedy of lead castle within its borders. Instead, the country supported a fair for the 1945 by partisans killed NDH troops in the capital of neighboring Bosnia, Sarajevo, to avoid international consequences. While thousands protested against the event - but her goal was achieved: history has been rewritten, the Nation is more United and the Flirting with extreme-right voters will be at the polls votes.

The government protects the reputation of the government

The latest corruption scandal revolves around wind farms. Members of the government party were arrested, some from the immediate environment of the Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković. The said that his government would not be involved "in activities that harm the reputation of the government".

Meanwhile, emerges in the investigation of the Name of the Deputy head of Plenkovićs Cabinet. In a reaction, the government challenged the jurisdiction of the public Prosecutor in question - the cited the the law that States that "any Form of influence is prohibited, in particular any Form of coercion against prosecutors and Deputy prosecutors". During the current term of office, several Ministers had to resign because of personal involvement in corruption scandals.

million for unusable ventilators

In between Croatia and Serbs lying Bosnia-Herzegovina will be elected in October. Just five million euros have been wasted, because the government had commissioned a actually for the production of raspberries certified companies to organize breathing equipment for COVID-19-cases, which turned out to be useless. The Prosecutor's office had three people, including the Prime Minister, one of the Federal units of the country.

The ruling "party of democratic action" (SDA) managed, however, to achieve a release from prison and the corruption Suspects to use back in the office. SDA-chief Bakir Izetbegović, played the national card: The indictment was a continuation of the attacks by his party and the people, the Bosniaks, the representative.

Brussels, it will not

A Video about buying of votes in another part of the country was in the social media viral – but was ignored by the authorities Throughout the year 2019, only a single judgment, for corruption was announced, and an acquittal!

The Transition to a democratic society everywhere is long - but in the post-Yugoslav States, it seems endless. The Balkan wars two decades past. If the political leaders do not want the Transition to peace and democracy will take another twenty years, you must abandon the rhetoric of the conflict; the rule of law, respect strictly; and stop to wait for pressure from the EU, forcing them to implement reforms. The solution for the problems of their country lies not in Brussels but at home.

author: Nenad Pejić

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Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 10:27