Border openings are imminent in the short travel Chaos in Europe threatens to

Cross-border travel in Europe, until the outbreak of the Corona epidemic as a matter of course, could be just in time for the travel season again. The calls, of

Border openings are imminent in the short travel Chaos in Europe threatens to

Cross-border travel in Europe, until the outbreak of the Corona epidemic as a matter of course, could be just in time for the travel season again. The calls, of course, especially the virus-stricken tourism industry. And also the citizens of packs, after a week-long forced break of travelling and Wanderlust. The Federal government is likely to 15. June, the travel warning for 31 European countries pick up. The EU escaping the United Kingdom as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in addition to the other 26 EU countries.

Still applies, as it says on the side of the Robert Koch Institute and cumbersome: "To Enter a multi-day stay in a member state of the EU, a Schengen associated state, or the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Federation and the Länder with a quarantine recommendation, if the respective state has, according to the statistical analyses and publications of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control a high level of new infections are among a number in proportion to the population (more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants cumulative in the last seven days)."

This quarantine recommendation (not requirement!) would then disappear. A prerequisite for a free travel is that the development of the Corona pandemic allows. A decision will actually fall on Wednesday this week, he has moved the Cabinet, but at the beginning of June.

Hope to travel to D-Day

as far as the German side. As the pandemic broke out, was of a uniform approach in the EU there is no trace. Each country did what it wanted to: borders have been closed on one side, or the quarantine provisions were adopted by the trips, although, in principle, remained allowed, but for vacationers virtually impossible. Now, many hope that the governments have a vote at least in the case of the return to a relative freedom to travel with each other. The Italian foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio said a few days ago in the Italian TV station Rai: "We are committed to ensuring that we are at the 15. June can open up all together in Europe." For tourism, this date could be a kind of "European D-Day".

Unfortunately, it doesn't look even now, so shortly before the summer holidays, then. Free travel across Europe implies that the health measures are to far apart. For example, whether a Mouth guard, and a minimum distance required between persons, or that the criteria for a possible aggravation of the measures are the same. The German government proposes its own limit of 50 new Infections per week per 100,000 inhabitants as a Europe-wide upper limit.

Different dates and rules

so Far, the plans of individual countries diverge both to the opening of the border as well as to the hygienic measures. Some examples:

ITALY: from the 3. In June, the entry for citizens of the EU should be possible, without the need of then in quarantine. Italy had, in relation to population, with the highest rate of infections worldwide. However, were the various Italian regions are affected very differently, and there is still no freedom of movement between them. It is uncertain whether Italy open neighboring countries, the border. Austria's health Minister Rudolf Anschober said on Thursday in a newspaper interview: "I'm a great friend of the freedom of travel, but in Italy we need to be more careful." Switzerland, too, advises to continue to travel to Italy and makes the border for the time being, closed.

FRANCE: The government in Paris advises French as with any foreign travel. Conversely, should foreign tourists, even if you can travel mid-June back to France, nor to do with strict Covid rules, which could iden the holiday. In severely affected regions and cities, such as Paris Cafés and Restaurants are still closed.

SPAIN: The strong Corona-ridden Spain pushes the pace and wants to open at the end of June, in the framework of a pilot project, its limits. Originally the 1 was planned. July. The previous forced quarantine for Immigrants is eliminated, without the open borders and holiday makers would not bring much.

BELGIUM: Belgium still controls its borders and bans travel to and from abroad except for compelling reasons. That should not change a lump-sum amount, the current state (27.5.), but only in consultation with the respective neighbouring country, and if the Corona Situation is the same on both sides of the border are comparable.

NORWAY: the boundaries of The Non-EU member Norway, are dense and could remain there until the end of the summer. The Norwegian government wants to first watch the development and only at the end of July to decide whether you are coming from "each of the other nearby European countries" makes it possible.

POLES: Even if since the beginning of may Hotels and Restaurants are open: Up to 12. June allowed no foreigners to the country, the borders are sealed off. Exceptions there have been approximately for long-distance drivers and people with a permanent residence permit. Whether the impact of the trees open, is still unclear.

USA: a travel ban for people from the Schengen area applies, with a few exceptions. And President of the Trump leaves open the question of how long it is. "If you are making progress, we will begin to open again, but only if you are making progress," he said a few days ago in Washington.

Unilateral opening of the border?

The travel nightmare in Europe, is not so unlikely, looks like this: Individual countries, such as Italy, open their borders, but not the other side. This is not to say, Austrians or Germans to Italy, the Italians to Austria and Germany. The fact Italy would embark on duration hardly.

consumer advocates warn about health hazards, and complain about the ambiguous position because of different Standards in the EU. "Hygiene rules should be European unity," says Klaus Müller, member of the Board of the Federal Association of the consumer centers. In addition, persons belonging to risk groups would have to be, "the travel warning includes, as long as there are no broadly effective and reliable vaccine".

Unclear is also what happens in the middle of June, with the third state of learning. Until then, the EU's strict entry restrictions that make no distinction between the individual countries and their infection able to apply for you. If the entry barrier is extended, in front of these were third-country nationals continue to the outside, regardless of how strong their countries are affected by Corona.

author: Christoph Hasselbach In the PCP In the

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