Bolton hopes to opt out Trumps - he should not be President

the Biden omitted due to Corona pandemic on campaign appearances Thursday, 2. July, 13.19 PM: is The designated US presidential candidate Joe Biden wants t

Bolton hopes to opt out Trumps - he should not be President
the Biden omitted due to Corona pandemic on campaign appearances

Thursday, 2. July, 13.19 PM: is The designated US presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to be abandoned because of the Corona of a pandemic on campaign performances in front of a large audience. He will follow the advice of Doctors, and no such events stop, said the US Democrat on Tuesday to journalists in Wilmington, Delaware. The former Vice President is thus incumbent Donald Trump, who had resumed after a three-month Coronavirus-break recently despite all the warnings of his election campaign events.

"This is probably the most unusual election in recent U.S. history," Biden said. He himself was not yet on the novel Coronavirus testing, added the 77-Year-old.

In the United States have already been confirmed more than 2.6 million Coronavirus infection and more than 126,000 deaths. These are by far the highest Figures in the world.

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Bolton abandoned hopes for deselection Trumps - "he should not be President"

Tuesday, 22. June, 10.55 PM: , The former National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, is hoping for an announcement from President Donald Trump in the election in November. He hope that Trump will go down in history as "a President with a term of office, not the country irreversibly into a downward spiral brought down," said Bolton in a Sunday evening (local time) during an Interview broadcast on the ABC. The conclusion to be drawn from his next Tuesday book published was clear: "I think he should not be President." Bolton said he would not vote for Trump for his alleged Challenger Joe Biden.

ABC had already published a few days ago, excerpts from the Interviews. In it Bolton had said, Trump is not suitable for the office of the President. "I don't think he has the skills to do the Job." The 71-Year-old had worked together for one and a half years with Trump. Trump had hate his National security adviser last September.

A Federal court in Washington had rejected on Saturday the request for a preliminary injunction, with the help of the Trump government wanted to stop publication of the book due to the inherent secret information at the last Minute. In the reasoning of judge Royce Lamberth said it was to stop late for a Release. The book contains explosive Scrambler against Trump. The President has announced that Bolton will pay "a high price" for publication.

the First mass manifestation of Trumps since Corona

Sunday, 21. June, 17.26 PM: to reboot his campaign for US President Donald Trump at the first mass rally since the beginning of the Corona-crisis, disappointing run. At the event, in an Arena in Tulsa (Oklahoma) stayed on a Saturday night, many of the 19 000 seats empty. In front of Thousands of cheering supporters of Republican Germany attacked, the US Democrats and the media. A topic that the American populace and was recently like no other, let Trump in his more than one and a half hour speech to mention: the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation.

Trump had announced a few days ago that almost a Million people have Tickets for the event in Tulsa advertised. Shortly before his departure for Tulsa, Trump said: "The crowd is incredible." The "New York Times" reported that the Arena was filled only two-thirds. Even Trumps house channel Fox News reported, "a number of seats" remained empty.

Originally, Trump should be in a crowd of people in front of the Arena to turn to. There is a stage and a video screen had been built - in the expectation that the Arena would be crowded. The square in front of the hall, however, remained largely empty, the appearance was cancelled.

The Director of communications of trump's campaign team, Tim Murtaugh, accused "radical demonstrators" and the media, to have supporters from attending the rally held. Still Thousands of supporters are a contrast to the "sleepy election" of Trumps leadership Challenger in the election in November, Joe Biden. On the edge of trump's appearance, it came to demonstrations against racism and police violence. The protests remained largely peaceful, as the police reported in Tulsa.

In his speech, Trump was not to Floyd, who had been killed at the end of may by a police officer in Minneapolis is brutal. Also racism or police violence, took up the theme of Trump is not. Instead, the Republican said, with a view to the election in November, to applause: "If the Democrats come to Power, then the rioters are going to have the Say and no one will be safe."

Trump said: "they want to destroy our heritage, so that they can enforce their new oppressive regime in his place." The President claimed, falsely, that the Democrats wanted to deprive the police authorities, the financing and resolve them. Biden had arisen in his party of "the radical Left". Floyd's death has led to nationwide protests, which were initially part in the rioting and looting out of hand.

participants of the rally in Tulsa had to explain at the time of registration and agree that the organisers may not be for a Covid-19-illness and the possible consequences liable. Prior to the rally, six employees of the election campaign team have tested positive for the Coronavirus, as Director of communications Murtaugh said. Trump himself was wearing, as usual, no mask in his appearance. Biden accused Trump to threaten people to his campaign resume.

U.S. attorney General Barr: Trump fires Federal Prosecutor for Manhattan.

22.16 PM: US President, Donald Trump has fired the influential Federal Prosecutor for Manhattan, Geoffrey Berman,. "Since you have not declared that they have no intention of your office to withdraw, I asked the President, with immediate effect, dispose of, and he has done this," wrote U.S. attorney General Bill Barr on Saturday in one of the US media has published a letter to Berman. Barr had already been announced on the eve of the resignation of Berman's what this ride but vehemently best.

Berman had stated on Friday: "I heard tonight from a press release by the Minister of justice, that I as a U.S. attorney 'back'. I am not resigned and I do not have to resign." This was until the U.S. Senate confirmed a successor for him. "Until then, our current investigations are going on without interruption."

The Federal Prosecutor for Manhattan is generally considered to be one of the most powerful prosecutors in the United States. Berman had been in charge of the investigations against trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, who was convicted of perjury in Congress to three years in prison. He also took trump's current attorney Rudy Giuliani because of his efforts to be targeted to find in the Ukraine are harmful to the information about Trumps rivals Joe Biden.

In the Declaration of the Ministry of justice by Friday, it was said that Trump wanted to make the current head of the U.S. securities and exchange Commission, Jay Clayton, the new Federal Prosecutor for the Southern district of New York-well Manhattan. "I thank you, Geoffrey Berman, who is retiring after two and a half years back," added the Minister of justice.

critics accuse the Minister of justice Barr, to politicize his Ministry increasingly and as a protective shield for the President, miss. In the past few months, Trump had dismissed several General inspectors, the independent supervision of the work of the government and its authorities responsible.

US-court: Bolton-book can appear at the Tuesday

Saturday, 20. June 2020, 17.03 PM: , The former National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, can publish his book with explosive allegations against US President Donald Trump as planned this Tuesday. A Federal court in Washington refused on Saturday a request for a preliminary injunction, with the Trump of government, the publication wanted to prevent. The Trump-government have not demonstrated that such an order was necessary to prevent "irreparable damage".

The nearly 600 pages long book with the title "The Room Where It Happened" (for example: The room in which it happened) is to appear this Tuesday. In pre-known passages in Bolton Trump describes as a politician who puts his own interests above those of the country. Among other things, the President of the U.S. therefore, the Chinese President Xi Jinping's help for his re-election in November, asked to. Trump called the book a "compilation of lies and invented stories".

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