Bitter Corona-billing: stylist to immediately pay the help back - and not just you

The Cologne-based stylist Kirsten Helmbrecht could hardly believe their luck. Because they had to close because of the Corona pandemic in your Salon "Kiki" fo

Bitter Corona-billing: stylist to immediately pay the help back - and not just you

The Cologne-based stylist Kirsten Helmbrecht could hardly believe their luck. Because they had to close because of the Corona pandemic in your Salon "Kiki" for a week and no revenue, had applied for it on 27. March 2020 Corona Help Immediately. On the same day you received the permit, not ten days later the money was in your account, 9000 Euro.

"of course I was very relieved, because with the state support, I was able to keep my business first on the water," said the 51-Year-old this Friday to FOCUS Online. Like many other small business owners, freelancers, and Solo-self-employed, you felt the government support as a blessing, as a kind of "gift of heaven".

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Minister of Finance Scholz: "It doesn't have to be repaid"

a Total of 50 billion euros in Corona-emergency assistance from the Federal crisis-ridden company and increased the benefits the country massively. An unprecedented financial effort, with the German economy should be preserved before the crash.

The full-bodied explanations of the meaning of the emergency aid to sound Concerned, still in the ears. So the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced on may 23. March 2020: "We will not give a grant to a loan. So there must be nothing to be paid back.“ Also economy Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU), spoke of "direct grants, which need not be repaid."

Cologne hairdresser: "Everything went quickly and without red tape,"

There were such sets, the left many entrepreneurs, grateful to breathe a sigh of relief. Especially since deeds followed the words. Hundreds of thousands submitted a request for emergency assistance and had the money, shortly afterwards on your account. As the stylist Kirsten Helmbrecht. "Everything went quickly and without red tape," she recalls. "So, as the policy had promised."

However, the initial enthusiasm is gone, many entrepreneurs. Instead, disappointment and anger spread, the fears of existential distress are back to the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

billing: recipients will need to help damage the

explain the reason: more and more immediately-recipients get a prompt, retroactive to your actual need for financial assistance to present. The losses should be less than the funds received, you need to pay immediate assistance partially or even completely. Alone in North Rhine-Westphalia so far, about 100,000 of a total of 426.000 assistance recipients were asked, your financial damage precisely.

Also a hairdresser, Kirsten Helmbrecht received by E-Mail a six-page form to the "determination of the liquidity shortage, NRW-emergency aid in 2020". Already on the first page of Any overpaid emergency aid is: "as announced on the main pay back."

"immediately help pay back": the event lurked in the small print

The insertion of "as advertised" seems to be referring to the small print in the had immediately signed the help-request, the Kirsten Helmbrecht at the end of March. There it says under point 6.11: "I am aware that I must pay back in the event of over-compensation ... received help immediately."

However, in the turbulent Corona Phase have not registered many business owners, the conditions of access to the government support pots up to the smallest Detail. From today to tomorrow, they had to close down their shops and did not know whether, when, and how to do it more. Kirsten Helmbrecht, for example, lock your Salon on 25. March. Only after six weeks, she was able to get started again. Until then, you had to fear for their economic Survival.

a hair salon, tightly, the only source of revenue

dried up In an interview with FOCUS Online said the hairdresser, due to the large uncertainties you have your pension on ice. Running costs for the rental of the apartment, private health insurance, and food you could only ride the best, because your family you supported. Your only source of income - the hairdresser's business was finally dried up, and for an indefinite period of time.

The Cologne-based stylist Kirsten Helmbrecht.

thanks to the Corona-emergency assistance, she was able to pay at least the rent for your Salon and pandemic-protection precautions. "I had to, for example, Plexiglas panes, install, and masks, and disinfectant buy."

a Lot of Overtime made to losses

to compensate for the First by the current audit request, the state government became the entrepreneur, aware of the fact that the grant is subject to strict conditions. The Corona refers immediately to the help of 9000 Euro over a period of three months. The "Kiki"-Salon was closed only about a month and a half. After that, revenue came in again – also because the entrepreneur made lots of Overtime and even on Sunday worked.

thanks to their tireless efforts, the hairdresser was able to make up their losses from the forced closure of betting – what falls on the feet. Because after reading of the authorities has made in the three crucial months, not a Minus. According to the current condition, you must pay the complete to immediately help back.

High recoveries threaten: business people frustrated

For Kirsten Helmbrecht, and many other business people, return come demands at an inopportune time. Still, the economy has been suffering the consequences of the Corona pandemic. Especially the operators of Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars are facing an uncertain future, but also retailers, Event organizers and hairdressers.

The idea that in times of downturn in sales and an impending second infectious wave of thousands of euros in Corona help pay back to have drives many of them to despair. A big disappointment, the resentment grows.

Facebook group: By changed conditions, "deceived"

How deep-seated frustration, is reflected in the social networks. Thus, formed at the beginning of July on Facebook, the interest group "NRW immediate assistance". It is aimed at trade professionals and self-employed persons who have received the grant, "and now by the subsequently amended terms and conditions deceived to see."

the Stated aim of the community, the "defence of the claims is" in its present Form. More than 1600 business people have joined the group already. They criticize, the repayment terms were unfair and could push many businesses into Ruin.

restaurant Association upset: Neither "Immediately" nor "help"

The German Hotel and restaurant Association (Dehoga) North Rhine approximately criticised, the state of NRW have changed the conditions for the emergency aid after the event - so, "that many entrepreneurs will be forced to repay immediately help back". So that you can speak in retrospect, neither "Immediately" nor "help". The country should adhere to its legal opinion, "would not be the death knell for many of the guest only commercial operators," says the Association.

The massive protests seem to have with the provincial government to have the impact: a few days Ago, they stopped the billing practice. Some of the requirements would have "proven to be problematic," said the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of economic Affairs. Minister Andreas Pinkwart (FDP), stressed: "We take the specific Concerns of entrepreneurs very seriously and are in talks with the Federal government in order to achieve improvements."

Helmbrecht: "there is No Louis Vuitton handbags

stylist Kirsten Helmbrecht purchased" hopes that the Revision of the criteria leads to more justice. "I think it is absolutely right that at the end of a settlement takes place," says she to FOCUS Online. They themselves have lost through the six-week closure of more than 3700 euros, which would have to be covered according to their view of the Corona immediately help. The rest of the money she hadn't actually used, you'll pay, of course, back.

But they would lose to the current condition, the full amount of 9000 Euro, feels that the business woman as a mess. "I've bought from emergency aid finally, there is no Louis Vuitton handbags."

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Updated Date: 17 July 2020, 14:26

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