Billion only with the rule of law? Orban is the fight against Europe's idealists win

Sometimes you can understand the greens and the social Democrats already. After all, not everything is on the idealism out wrong. Only the idealism, too, has a

Billion only with the rule of law? Orban is the fight against Europe's idealists win

Sometimes you can understand the greens and the social Democrats already. After all, not everything is on the idealism out wrong. Only the idealism, too, has a strained relationship to reality. Otherwise, he would be no idealism.

The red-and-green idealism looks, with regard to Europe, just so: It can't be that Hungary and Poland, to abolish the rule of law, separation of powers and freedom of the press. They are members of the European Union. And the is a values-community. The values of community would that individual members, their values don't matter, then you could do the same but very close. About the author: Ulrich Reitz

Ulrich Reitz worked as a correspondent in the world, was in the starting team of FOCUS, which he led, and was a total of 17 years as editor-in-chief of the two largest German regional newspaper "WAZ" and "Rheinische Post". He deals with the societal consequences of digitalization, the cultural foundations of Germany and the Performance of its elites in politics and the economy. Reitz sees itself as economically ordoliberal and politically conservative. He appreciates the well-maintained controversy.

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however, If Hungary and Poland still have a notion of what you think is right and Brussels is wrong, then the West Europeans have to turn the recalcitrant East Europeans to the money faucet. At least the. As Hungary gets straight transferred to the 25 billion from Brussels and Poland even more than 80 billion, think of Budapest and Warsaw, with the values, perhaps, but once again.

Viktor Orban is smart, and the majority of its people follow him

extortion is not nice, but if you are not pursuing the right goals, then why? And why the idealistic should be in addition to his idealism, is also nice? He is pursuing the right goals. The Idealist thinks.

Now, however, the Realist. The know from experience, so this will not work. It has never worked that way. For the past ten years, Viktor power, Orban, for what he thinks is right. Nobody from Brussels has stopped him. For ten years, Orban wins elections, and that is the secret of his strength - the man is smart, and the majority of their own people to follow him. What should Brussels there?

As in Hungary, it is also in Poland. There's just Andrzej Duda won the election, barely, but he didn't, you just lost. Has won Duda, as the "Economist" a cooling write up, with anti-democratic, anti-multi-cultural slogans. Successfully scored Duda against the Western, especially the German press, the attempts "to manipulate his" choice. And against Gays and lesbians.

sanctions will not work

Poland is still Roman Catholic. Brussels are, when it comes to the correct rule of law, "questions of faith" no matter. Warsaw, but not. The Green housekeeper, Daniel friend says it this way: "The member States, the flagrant breach of law principles that limit so freedom of the press, the courts, harass the universities in the country to throw, must be sanctioned and must function in the end."

Crucial the last half of the sentence is. It will not work. The reason for this is full of Regret - Katarina Barley, which was in Germany, Minister of justice, and in Brussels, Vice-President of the European Parliament has brought calls. What the heads of state and government had decided to head there on your trillion-summit to the rule of law, is a large "Wish-You-What." It is clarity, it was not, "what exactly mean this agreement".

some say so, others say so. This is exactly the reason why Orban has signed. The document, which you have adopted since, can be dangerous. Because The European Parliament can accept the Corona-sterntaler-package only as a Whole, or reject it. Raisins-Pickerei there is not. To the point: the money or the rule of law. Thus, it is clear how things will turn out.

The Brussels correspondent for the ARD Alexander Göbel explained it this way: "Threaten you in the negotiations with the Blockade, delay the procurement of urgently needed relief billion." Not only Polish and Hungarian MEP, will prevent the European Parliament. But even more, the parliamentarians from the countries that benefit most from the blessing: Italy and Spain.

the Christian Democrats urge, but Powerful set on realism

An indication of how the Conservative behavior, you can find the same if. In the European Parliament-working Christian Democrat Daniel Caspary (CDU) claim in the choir of the "Europeans" the rule of law, the throb is truly Powerful on the home front, such as Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on good relations with Poland and Hungary. The result is exactly the real political pragmatism, the Christ of the social Democrats and the Green is different.

to change Some of the dream now, the rules of the European game, such as: If the European court of justice condemned a country for violations of the rule of law, will be automatically blocked funds from Brussels. You can do so. Theoretically.

but Practically not, because for such a decision it would take the majority in the European Union. That would allow a majority of member States de facto by the European court of justice to rule, to regard confidently as an Illusion. Apart from the fact that the European court of justice is anything other than an indisputable instance.

Orban, Kaczynski and co., the West is no longer a dream. But a nightmare.

You must be a clairvoyant: in Europe, this battle will lose idealists. This is, however, not only to their idealism. Why are so many Central and Eastern European States against the West. They did not want the then, at that time, after 1989? This was not your dream - the dream of the West?

For Orban, Kaczynski and co., the West is no longer a dream. But a nightmare. The West refuses to understand why. Macron and Merkel hold universalism for achievement and the human rights as well. Orban and his allies made 2015 FF. close its borders - what is the state of the people, they wanted to determine for themselves. "We need Hungarian children", said Orban. And said: at least none from Islamic countries.

Poland's Pis party considers the West decadent, cold, and homeless, for post-national. Macron and Merkel don't want to talk about identities in the first place, Kaczynski and Orban want to talk about it especially. The West that was before and immediately after 1989, a model for Orban and his followers, has lost its luster. The refugee policy of the West, he and others used to build their brand in the East.

Orban says he was explicitly a Pro-Europeans. What is meant is: European, the Europe against "cultural stranger" immigration, i.e.: Islam, defended. Duda, in Poland, just re-elected, said 2018: Poland's national sovereignty and Catholic heritage would be wiped off the map by the inclusion in the post-national and anti-religious States of the EU. Orban was the concise about the multi-culture: "We don't want to be different and not mixed. We want to be like we were basin 1100 years ago here in the Carpathian mountains.“

The Idealist wishes for Europe as a Federal state. The Realist knows, after all the disasters in Europe a Confederation of the States would be almost idealistic.

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