Biden and Harris - better as a combination

At the beginning, they were counterparties. Both wanted to run for the democratic party for the office of the President. At the end of June 2019, in the first t

Biden and Harris - better as a combination

At the beginning, they were counterparties. Both wanted to run for the democratic party for the office of the President. At the end of June 2019, in the first televised debate, clashed Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. The Senator from California, criticized the former Vice President for his policy during the 1970s. At the time, Biden is a Senator from the state of Delaware was. He had worked with U.S. senators, who wanted to prevent the Integration of black and white students, Harris. She was one of these children have been.

Joe Biden made it clear that he was at the time, however, that districts "may require bussing". What is meant is that the local government was able to determine that black children are brought by buses to selected schools that were located in the richer white neighborhoods. Harris, who rode as a child in one of these buses to the school and her successful career on your time in school, said to Biden: "I Would have been at that time in the Senate, we would have been on completely different pages."

The American media dealt extensively with the clash, but in the end it was odds, only an opinion. You should not stop Joe Biden from taking Kamala Harris as his Deputy in the election campaign. On the contrary, Biden was able to show with its decision that he shy away from criticism and not blind loyalty calls - in contrast to the Republican candidate and incumbent Donald Trump.

Politically, on one line

Although Harris and Biden have not at first glance have much in common, in terms of their political program - a harmonic Duo. Your themes are the classics: the economy, the environment, education and social justice. With enough distance to be radical and progressive ideas on the left and the conservative Republicans on the right-hand side, you will be targeting large parts of the population.

The combination of Biden/Harris liked many of the Democrats already, as California Senator wanted to be a presidential candidate. The Deputy Lacy Clay from Missouri, about told the political magazine "Politico" in may last year: "That would be a dream ticket!" And he was not alone. A black woman as a presidential candidate couldn't imagine, but Biden as a counter-weight. Just as many voters of Biden were not alone excited, but now with Harris at his side already.

A well-balanced Duo

The two Democrats represent both experience and Tradition with the 77-year-old Biden, and the 55-year-old Harris, with the Indian-Jamaican roots, an alternative perspective that is missing from the policy often, because ethnic minorities hold far less political positions as white Americans.

this Time, Too, represented the mentalities of two very different regions. Biden spent his Childhood and youth in Pennsylvania and Delaware on the East coast, as the child of a white family, which is always a little staggered, not from the middle class slipping. Harris, the daughter of two immigrants, grew up on the West coast in California, where their Indian mother, and your Jamaica, had learned of the father at demonstrations against the Vietnam war.

Both studied law, but, while Biden went early in the policy and as a 29-Year-old a seat in the Senate, won, made, Harris first career as a lawyer, before she traded in her Post as attorney General in California against a seat in the U.S. Senate.

There had crossed paths with Biden and Harris already. Joe Biden's son Beau, attorney General of the state of Delaware and in 2011, he worked with Harris to pull in the Wake of the real estate crisis, the banks to account. Beau Biden died in the year 2015 of a brain tumor, but his high opinion of the assertive woman, from California, influenced by Biden's decision for the joint candidacy.

Kamala Harris has proven that she is a strong speaker and in the debates nimble argued. Your task will be, among other things, Joe Biden to hold back and criticism to intercept. He opens again with confidence in Harris, a door may be in the future for minorities in the open. He is aware of the symbolic power of his choice consciously.

On the day of the announcement, tweeted Joe Biden: "Today, Tomorrow, and in particular black and brown girls, the overlooked in our society so often, and rating of feel cross-woke up through the country, little girls and see on a new way: as a candidate for President and Vice-President."

author: Julia Mahncke

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