Batet in front of the crying of the Congress

In a Congress that, as warned on Saturday the deputy of the Compromís, Joan Baldoví, “smells more like Napalm than tila”, Meritxell Batet is going to have a lot

Batet in front of the crying of the Congress

In a Congress that, as warned on Saturday the deputy of the Compromís, Joan Baldoví, “smells more like Napalm than tila”, Meritxell Batet is going to have a lot more work as the president of the provisions in this FOURTEENTH legislature. It was found quickly in the first round failed the session of investiture of Pedro Sanchez. The climb this Sunday, first time at the lectern to intervene by the spokesperson of EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, broke out immediately the mood more or less predisposed to be soliviantados of the known as the jabalíesde the Courts, in this case of the right-wing parties.

The wild boar, a term inherited from the Republic, are the mps more obviously active and surly of each political group and they often appear so little spontaneous in the full most-talked-about. Working in the anonymity of all the banks, but they are very identified.


Sánchez does not achieve the confidence of the Congress on the first ballot, Vox labeled as “fraudulent” and “illegitimate” the investiture of Sanchez to The use of terrorism will close the margin to

The own Batet warned, at another time full and after several calls to order and the preponderance of the word, to give the names and surnames of the most troublemakers. I could have one. In the end, it was not necessary. The president Batet was prevented this Sunday of what could happen. Is a professor of Constitutional Law and, in addition, to deal with the tense situation pulled from his own library and of the historical journal of the sessions of the Courts.

In a passage of the speech does not especially hard Aizpurua, deputy wing nationalists, referred to the background authoritarian of the Spanish society and pointed below directly to the speech of king Felipe VI, on October 3, 2017, three days after the referendum illegal in Catalonia, as an example of these attitudes. PP, Citizens and then Vox claimed to Batet that reprendiese to the mep from the basque and the call to order by holding that article 103 of the Regulations of the Chamber provides for cases in which utters racial or pour out words or concepts that offend against institutions of the State.

Batet let them express themselves and appeal to that standard, but rejected the call. And what he argued so firmly: “In other times in this country were not allowed, or criticism of the Government or to the State, but luckily those times have past. Today we enjoy a full democracy and to ensure that full democracy we need to ensure the freedom of expression in the interior of this Chamber. Freedom of expression is one of the foundations of our Constitution and the political pluralism one of the superior values of the legal system”.

Those reasons seemed to him an attitude lax before the “nauseating” intervention Aizpurua Paul Married; its speaker of the parliament, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo; and to relevant officers of Citizens, as the exabogado of the State Edmundo Val; and to members of Vox, as Santiago Abascal, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros or the exabogada State's Macarena Olona. Abascal and other members of Vox came to spread by the social networks that the members of the PSOE had applauded to Bildu when what he had done was to support precisely the explanation of Batet.

it is Not, nor much less, the first time that a member of Bildu or other of their brands abertzales precedents, such as HB, Amaiur or Sortu, go to the Congress. Lead by presenting lists since 1979, although in some legislatures did not or were illegalised. In 1986 they had their best result with five seats as now (nearly 232.000 votes). On occasion they spoke and I listened to them, without more.

references hard to the monarch are not unpublished. On February 20, 2018, with the popular Ana Pastor, the president, the parliamentary pro-independence Catalan Joan Tardà spoke of the “illegitimacy of the bourbon restoration, of Juan Carlos I and, therefore, of king Philip VI,” for having been restored by the dictator Francisco Franco. There were No interruptions or insults or complaints. Ended Tardà, and Pastor gave the word to the deputy following.

Date Of Update: 07 January 2020, 00:00