B. T. reveals: Verhagens tv explanation falls apart

Another resort ends blindly for Bernio Verhagen. Bogus-the player gave on Sunday evening - for the rolling tv cameras - his explanation on the B. T. s revelat

B. T. reveals: Verhagens tv explanation falls apart

Another resort ends blindly for Bernio Verhagen.

Bogus-the player gave on Sunday evening - for the rolling tv cameras - his explanation on the B. T. s revelations about how the dutchman arrived in Viborg FF by means of fake agents and fake documents.

But the explanation holds in no way water can B. T. now reveal.

For Viborg has never been in contact with the agent, as Bernio Verhagen claims to have used in connection with the shift to the Danish 1. division.

Dmitry. It should be the first name of the agent for the now former football player in Viborg.

With the surname of Bolshinov. Or something like that. It told the 25-year-old dutchman, when he was straight through on a telephone line on the TV3+ on Sunday evening.

"I have a Russian agent. The story with that Viborg have been cheated by an agent from the Netherlands, is fake. It is a complete 'bullshit story'," said the dutchman.

Bernio Verhagen told then that he had only talked with his personal agent with the name Dmitry Bolshinov, and that it was this Russian agent, who had got him shifted to Viborg.

It fit just not.

According to B. T.'s sources in Viborg had the royal club never heard about Dmitry Bolshinov, before the contract was written and negotiated exclusively with the fake Mo Sinouh and Bernio Verhagen.

the Contract is, according to B. T.'s information only signed by Bernio Verhagen and the team he will play Jesper Fredberg, and it was done in order to avoid paying a agentsalær.

B. T. have coils, how Bernio Verhagen with the help from a fake agent and forged documents, have cheated themselves for contracts in the different clubs on different continents, including the Danish Viborg.

It was the big agentfirma Stellar Group, which should have been changed, and, concretely, it was the renowned Dutch agent Mo Sinouh, who should have been responsible for the contact.

But all this was a lie.

Faced with this proclaimed Bernio Verhagen Sunday in Onside on the TV3+, to his agent in fact is this Dmitry Bolshinov, and that he had Makrobet not had contact with the person who published to be Mo Sinouh from the Stellar Group.

In other words, the thought Bernio Verhagen himself, that he had nothing with fraudulence to do, because he had obtained his appointment through the agent, as he claims is called Dmitry Bloshinov.

The explanation falls apart.

In an interview with B. T. on Friday talked about Bernio Verhagen also this ‘Dmitry’, which, according to the bogus-the player should have discovered Verhagens talent during an amateur event in the Netherlands.

"I believe that we were in the finals. I scored enough six goals in the tournament. He asked me if I wanted to go to Moldova. He got my number, and a few months later we were in contact. He said to me that he had an offer for me. I would change club because the trainer we had, was gone," said Bernio Verhagen, which, however, had not completely mastered the details of his agent.

"He has his own company. I ask him, what his company is called. I don't know the name. He has a base in Moscow."

What is his surname?

"I'll send his contact information," assured Bernio Verhagen, who, however, never returned with that information.

B. T. have been sent a list of all registered agents from Moldova, and it is no Dmitry Bolshinov.

the Newspaper has also been in telephone contact with the Russian football association, which rejects that there was to be a Russian agent by that name or similar.

On the Translation of standard contracts for professional football players is the section with the agents under normal circumstances completed.

It is not in the case Bernio Verhagen and Viborg.

Viborg on Tuesday afternoon submitted a notification of fraud to the Middle - and Vestjyllands Police.

the Club feel defrauded by the fake fodboldagenter.

Date Of Update: 26 November 2019, 20:00