At the University admission he cheated: niece is expecting Donald Trump

it Has betrayed US President Donald Trump as a student in the skill test for the study? The White house dismissed such allegations out of the tell-all book, the

At the University admission he cheated: niece is expecting Donald Trump

it Has betrayed US President Donald Trump as a student in the skill test for the study? The White house dismissed such allegations out of the tell-all book, the President's niece, Mary Trump on Tuesday (local time) as "absurd" and "completely false". In advance from the U.S. channel CNN published passages of the book of Mary Trump writes that her uncle had paid someone else to do it, the Test for it to drop. Donald Trump graduated according to the White house, the Department of Economics of the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School of Finance, the President stands as a "great" show.

Mary Trump evidence for your accusation?

in addition to CNN, cited on Tuesday the newspaper "Washington Post" and "New York Times" and other US media in advance of the book. From the Reports it is not clear whether Mary Trump cite evidence for your allegation and if so, what. According to CNN, Mary Trump writes, her book is based on his own memories, interviews with family members and on documents such as tax records.

niece: "The most dangerous man in the world"

Mary Trump is a Ph. D. psychologist. The title of her 240-page book is in German, translated: "Too much and never enough - How my family's the most dangerous man in the world has created". It's supposed to come next week in the United States on the market - less than four months before the election, when Donald Trump applies for a second term. The publisher has brought forward the release by two weeks. Donald trump's brother Robert had tried to prevent the publication of court. AP Mary Trump wrote the book "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous".

The Deputy spokesperson for the White house, Sarah Matthews, stated that the book was born out of financial interest the author and of the publisher and not the public interest. Matthews raised the question of why Mary Trump publish the book until after three years in office of the President. Mary Trump writes according to CNN, after the past three years, she can "no longer" remain silent. "I can't allow that, he destroyed my country."

Trump is a narcissist? "All of the criteria

Mary Trump meets" under the authority of her uncle, to be a narcissist: Trump meet all the criteria, writes Mary Trump, according to the New York Times. The write-up attack, however short. His behaviors were often so inexplicable, that an accurate diagnosis could only be made by using Tests created, which would take Donald Trump never. According to CNN, Mary Trump compares your uncle in the book with a three-year-old who knew that he had never been loved. Donald trump's Ego is fragile and should always be supported, "because he knows deep Inside that he is nothing of what he appears to be".

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Mary Trump writes, according to the "Washington Post" that you didn't take the presidential candidacy of Donald trump seriously in 2015. "I didn't think he took it seriously." As the heir to the family group, it went to "free advertising for his brand." Donald trump's older sister Maryanne have surprised to respond, as a prominent Evangelical Christians, the candidacy supported. Maryanne Trump have said thus: "The only Time that Donald went on in the Church, as the cameras were there. This is incredible. He has no principles.“

In the description of the publishing house Simon & Schuster, it is, Mary Trump, draw a "portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family" that have made him what he is today: "A man is now threatening the health, economic security and the social fabric of the world". Mary Trump is the daughter of Donald trump oldest brother, Fred, who died in 1981.

niece: grandfather, a Patriarch and a "sociopath"

The "Washington Post" reported that Mary Trump is your grandfather as a Patriarch and the "sociopaths" who approves of her as a sensitive and gentle described father used to always miss. Donald Trump I learned early that it is "wrong" would be, to be like his older brother. The have taken Trump the ability "to develop the entire spectrum of human emotions, and to learn". Donald trump's idea of the World had been shaped by his desire to be as a child, from the father disapproves of.

The Deputy spokesperson for the White house, Matthews said, the President described the relationship he had to his father, as a warm. "He said his father was loving, and to not have been at all hard for him as a child."

Violates the book against the confidentiality agreement?

Donald trump's younger brother, Robert Trump had tried to prevent the publication of the book legally. He argued that the book was in breach of a confidentiality agreement that had been concluded in connection with the regulation of the Estate of his father. Donald Trump himself has referred to the proposed publication with reference to the confidentiality agreement as unlawful.

Last week, had lifted a court in New York an injunction against the publisher. The injunction against Mary Trump, however, remained initially in force, as court records show. A hearing is set for Friday. Donald trump's Advisor, Kelly Anne Conway criticized the publication. "I think family matters should be a family matter," she said in the channel Fox News. There are a lot of books, "which are never checked for accuracy". 3 No-Gos, the damage to your heart: you should not FOCUS Online 3 No-Gos, the damage to your heart to do: you should not

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