As brutal as in the case of Floyd: the victims of police violence and remember the Horror-deeds

"I was ten when the police stormed the first Time in our apartment. Neighbors had called them because my big brother was too loud. They rushed in, threw him to

As brutal as in the case of Floyd: the victims of police violence and remember the Horror-deeds

"I was ten when the police stormed the first Time in our apartment. Neighbors had called them because my big brother was too loud. They rushed in, threw him to the ground and held him in a stranglehold. They took him overnight to the prison. Then he had to go into hospital for three weeks."

Jeff Gomes is African-American, and now 26 years old. His brother was just home, unarmed, however, under the influence of alcohol and for the tastes of the neighbors are too loud. The cops would have broken a knee and neck injured, he said. The memory is Gomes today more present than ever. "You were just as brutal as in the case of George Floyd, only that my brother came back with his life. Now that I see the Videos everywhere of George Floyd and Amaud Arbery, comes with everything to me again." To be accountable to no one, was considered at the time, he says.

"'ve noticed from a young age that it is better to not be black"

has been stopped often, he since then of the police, can't count Gomes in a long time. "When I see a police car, just sinks my stomach. My heart starts to race. At the sight of a police officer, the sweat breaks out on me."

studies have shown that the police officers African-stopping American motorists and passers-by on the street far more often than white Americans. "It is not enough for you already, if you see a sports bag on the passenger seat. Therein drugs could be hidden. This is enough for suspicion." The last Time he had been because of its sports bag for fifteen minutes in handcuffs being held. Then he was allowed to continue. "You said you just wanted to make sure everything was in order." It is clear to him: "The reason for this is the color of my skin was, of course."

Gomes is a teacher by profession. He was born in South Boston and grew up. "I realized from a young age that it is better not to be black. In elementary school I did sometimes, as if I was Portuguese. No idea if someone has decreased. In our neighborhood there were a lot of Portuguese immigrants. I wanted to be like them, to them were also the Cops are much nicer."

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cases such as George Floyd are nothing New

just as he - and according to studies, many young African-Americans - was also arrested Terrence Bazile countless times by white police officers. "I get every Time in a panic, although I know that I must keep calm. The have me stay, my parents taught as a child: Quiet and respectful, don't run, and above all never be rude. It can be a matter of life or death."

fear of the police, he had actually constantly reveals the 24-year-old business student on the way to the University, to the supermarket, while shopping, while Jogging, almost always. "My father and my uncle have experienced terrible things in the matter of the police. You never wanted to talk about that, and I don't know to this day what exactly happened. We all felt that you were going to tell me any Details, probably in front of us children are not as weak to stand.

But cases like George Floyd are nothing New, just that there are today, the Video-recordings." Bazile is convinced that the majority of African-Americans fear police violence and the lives of their children anxious. "Cops are never on your side, and teach black parents, especially their sons from a young age. The main thing, the children come in the evening back home alive. "

Sometimes, he dares to ask the police officers in a very respectful tone, why they have him stopped. "Am I going too fast? I have a Stop sign overlooked? Most of the time the answer is: just to make sure that everything is in order." Even if the officials let him and then later continue, it is after these incidents first nervous at the end. "These surveys go to a the nitty-gritty ." Recently he was stopped on the way to a Restaurant. "Then, when they let me go free, I wanted to eat nothing more. I trembled, and no more bites taken down."

", It simply needs a new President"

Both Jeff Gomes, as well as Terrence Bazile put great hope on the protest marches across the country. The rioting both to meet but also with concern. "If only we had a different President. Donald trump's provocations to heat up the violence even further. His Tweets are the worst thing that has ever been a US President," said Gomes.

He makes the President and his followers are responsible for ensuring that the country is dividing more and more. "I don't want violence, but if it is so far, that the whole country is burning, then it should be so. It feels as if we have civil war. There is no neutral side anymore. Everyone must now show where he stands."

Bazile believes that only a Change can bring in the White house, make the necessary Changes. He wants to do what he can, so that in November, more and more African Americans are going to choose. In 2016, many black voters stayed home, what Donald Trump came to the benefit. "There is a new President must be simple, otherwise, this nightmare has no end."

reason for optimism he sees in the fact that, this time, a lot of White protest, in the United States and around the world. "It's just great that people in Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Australia, to us. That in fact, people in Berlin go for us on the road, this is incredible. Incredible and wonderful at the same time." Giant Constrictor snake young deer has a tight grip until the tide PCP Giant Constrictor snake has a young deer's fixed in the handle until the blade

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