As a dubious Turkey Connection of NRW million scheffelte for the Mafia

The wedding ceremony in the Rhineland town of Wesseling was their peak. Serkan B. fired on the street with his machine gun one after the other in the air. The m

As a dubious Turkey Connection of NRW million scheffelte for the Mafia

The wedding ceremony in the Rhineland town of Wesseling was their peak. Serkan B. fired on the street with his machine gun one after the other in the air. The martial cell-phone pictures in a fine suit with a converted blank-firing gun showed in mid-December of 2016, the car mechanic on the way to very Large. Sometimes, the shooter was called, at the time, Pablo. Just like his idol Pablo Escobar, in 1993, of the deceased drug Mogul of the Colombian Medellin-cartel. Serkan B. was apparently on the same path To Power and millions. And so, he had some narcotics to interested parties via SMS before the first contact know: "I'm Pablo." FOCUS Online Serkan B.

Behind the facade of a car repair shop and a gas station in Erftkreis, the now 40-year-old German-Turk after, FOCUS-Online-information a second illegal business raised With three other accomplices from the Cologne-Bonn area he should have according to the investigation by the Prosecutor's office of Duisburg until his arrest in early December of 2018 cocaine transactions of a drug ring, the Calabrian Mafia organization funded.

when it hooked, jumped the Turkey Connection a

whenever the cash flows of the Mafia-haperten families from the South of Italy, jumped in the rheinische Turkey Connection. Well half a Million euros put the investors to Serkan B. as a kind of share capital in the machinations of the drug syndicate that is said to have moved from the Local to the Rhine and the Ruhr, Germany, just under half a ton of cocaine to Italy. Three and a half more tonnes have also been ensured in the course of the proceedings.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor's office in Duisburg has indicted 14 of the main protagonists of the 58-member cocaine ring. In addition to leading mafia, the Ndrangheta, the four members of the Turkey have to be responsible for Connection to Serkan B. before the court. The latter took, at least in part confessions, and were spared against deposits of up to 150,000 euros from the detention. FOCUS Online Serkan B.

prosecutors speak of the Mafia & Co KG. A criminal Joint Venture of South America, the Benelux countries, in addition to a logistics center in Germany, influential families, the most powerful of the four Italian Mafia organisations in the southern Italian boots in great style with fabric supplies to have.

Serkan B. loan with a month interest rate of 24 percent

The story began according to the investigation in the year 2015. Serkan B. met an Italian, of the soon for his drug trips, and the appropriate car rental was looking for. Name: Giuseppe M., alleged head of logistics, a leading Ndrangheta Clans. In the fall of 2016 M. got into the terminal and asked Serkan B. a loan in the amount of 50,000 euros. The terms were for themselves Alone, the monthly interest rate was 24 percent. Serkan B. sensed the business of his life, he took three well-Known into the boat, as M. and his Mafia-needed gear money. FOCUS Online Serkan B. in front of a sports car.

The buzz grew quickly in the six-digit range. The Turkey Connection fell on a brilliant Plan. Using your contacts generated in the desired amounts to far lower rates of Return, and gave the money to usury interest rates to the unsuspecting Mafiosi. In this way, the Turkish credit wanted to achieve a huge cut.

Many of the true donor, the investigators are still not known. However, the findings of the Prosecutor's office of Duisburg suggest that the four Turkish lender should have fed your drug investment from extremely dubious sources.

Was the Deposit for the Mafia loans from the PKK?

As such, the co-owner of a luxury-car company from Grevenbroich is: At the time of his arrest four guns were found along with ammunition. He also had large amounts of money. Furthermore, the prosecutors have evidence that the Turkish entrepreneurs should be a member of the outlawed Kurdish workers ' party PKK. Was his contribution for the Mafia loans from the PKK? The investigators do not know it yet.

another accused member of the Turkey-Connection acted before his arrest, the office of the head of a Cologne-based tax consulting firm. Halil B. living it large and drove a Maserati. High gambling debts oppressed. With just under 900,000, he stood in the Cretaceous, at the same time, financial investigators cash deposits registered within a period of four years, from 1.2 million euros. The late thirties was, apparently, instrumental in the law firm ran by, he moved new clients to the country. FOCUS Online Halil B.

However, restricts the public Prosecutor's office, were the customers, "to a considerable extent from the heavy criminal Milieu of Cologne". For example, the chief of the Cologne rockers Gang "Bandidos should belong" to the same clientele as a leading member of the rival "Rhine Charters" of the Hells Angels. At the beginning of January, the competing cowl met the carrier happened to be in the tax consulting firm. Shots were fired, the conflict continued on the road. Was hurt no one.

The Turkish investors had gambled hunter does not hold the contacts of the Halil B. in the rock scene for no coincidence: Yet fixed but still, if the Turkish office Manager loan criminal Monk in the Mafia business has invested. Days of Halil B. 2019, was heard to the allegations. To donors about his money of a Mafia loan in the amount of 50,000 euros. The office is a businessman, usually so talkative, was silent. As a reason, the defendant stated that He wanted to live in Cologne "more".

the fact is that The Turkish investors had gambled away. The funded drug trips, and have not been intercepted, the Partner of the Ndrangheta paid. Since it also helped that the Turkey Connection had provided the drug vehicles in the Calabrian Partner with GPS transmitters to track the trips, and more. FOCUS Online Serkan B.

21. In March 2017. Drug boss, Giuseppe M. is said to have picked up in the Dutch town of Amstelveen, 14 packages of cocaine. The next day a Courier took all the white goods, and drove to Italy. The German authorities warned, began to customs officers on the Swiss border Novazzone, the point of delivery. In the by an electronic Code, a secured hiding place in the back of the rear seat 14 packages of cocaine were found. As the news reached the Turkish investors, there was a Mean of 140,000, all of my money horror: "by the way, I almost got a heart attack age," whined one of the Turkish donors in a wiretapped phone call.

the Same mishap resist another courier rode in June 2017. Nearly eight kilograms of fabric had hidden, the Mafiosi under the driver's and the passenger's seat and the steering wheel rod. In Merano in South Tyrol, a Patrol stopped the driver and promoted the secret cargo-a-days. Via SMS, the smuggler, wrote to his men in Germany: "The Guardia Di Finanza arrested me." You may, however, find a good lawyer for him.

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The recent bust triggered the Turkish money panic from donors. Especially since the Italian business partner, compensation remained at the end of payments more guilty. In August of 2017 traveled Turkish financiers in addition to the Initiator Serkan B. in the Calabrian Mafia stronghold of San Luca, in order to request compensations. It was the walk in the cave of the lion. Followed by the Calabrian police, managed to the creditors with the help of local mobsters in a Board to dive. Ultimately, you met with the son of the godfather the influence of family-Pelle-Votari rich. The promised to settle the matter. It was now a Problem of the family, he should have expressed. He had feared for his life, will report later Serkan B an undercover police officer (VE) at a Meeting for a drug deal.

The Turkish-born police officers, the deck name is Kara, had worked in the year 2018, the Mafia & Co KG, especially to Serkan B.. Long ago, the Turkish investors had recognized the opportunities in the drug business were. And so you have to have the cocaine deliveries in their own organized, in order to compensate for their losses.

In June, 2018 negotiated Serkan B. with a potential customer. 30,000 euros, the cost of the Kilo of coke. His business partner, responded enthusiastically. Eight to eleven kilograms, he wanted to lose weight regularly, so his promise.

Serkan B. fell on the police decoy in

The negotiations went on for months: mistrust dominated the drug business. Especially for new customers. Serkan B. looked at the prospective buyers carefully. He travelled specially to Karlsruhe, back and inspected the apartment of the man, and returned impressed. The was a, the could a cocaine deal in a one-to two-digit kilogram range stemmen.

Serkan B. did not suspect that he had fallen on a police decoy in, as he on 6. September 2018 in the Parking lot of a hardware store in Leverkusen two kilograms of cocaine handed. In turn, the Under-Cover Agent, code name "Kara", the big dealer € 63,000 presented. Two months later, Serkan B. in addition to the Mafia &Co KG have been arrested in an international Operation. The Turkey Connection had to write off their drug investments final. Risk of infection in an aircraft: a virologist Kekulé surprised with the statement, FOCUS Online/Wochit risk of Infection in an aircraft: a virologist Kekulé surprised with the statement

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