Armin Laschet and Corona: Union confused with fat cells Tour- not only Söder may benefit | policy

The corona-crisis has rolled the personal tableau the CDU mess. Long Armin looked Laschet, such as the future strong man. But now his Reputation is crumbling.

Armin Laschet and Corona: Union confused with fat cells Tour- not only Söder may benefit | policy

The corona-crisis has rolled the personal tableau the CDU mess. Long Armin looked Laschet, such as the future strong man. But now his Reputation is crumbling.

Munich – On Wednesday morning, Armin Laschet is trying to explain. The Prime Minister is in the düsseldorf Landtag. A crisis Manager in personal crisis mode. Laschet is, what he has done since the corona onset in the Tönnies-battle stations. Precautionary quarantine, closed schools, faster Tests. "And we are now the first country – although it does not give the results yet – back." The Lockdown is back, at least in the Gütersloh and Warendorf districts. And Laschet wants to show that he is not this time the big Looser, but Cautious.

Corona-crisis: Laschet stumble - "Mutterings" in the Union already

Whether this Version more? The Mutterings about the wavering Prime Minister is increasing, also in the Union. "Wait was not explainable," says an influential CSU member of the Bundestag. Other doubts are growing whether the fit of a potential candidate for Chancellor.

Exactly , the appearance of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn , warned in the ARD that it is a serious danger from Gütersloh was observed yesterday, that's why. "We have seen to Heinsberg or mitterteich, how quickly from a local then a national can be." The Lockdown was "for the protection of the citizens in the two circles, but also for the protection of all in the Federal territory". The sound much more determined than in the case of Laschet, with the Spahn actually a Tandem forms. With Laschet as a Chef.

Corona-crisis swirls CDU-Tableau confused: Söder could be a winner

turns Ostensibly currently the Corona is a risk, but the crisis management is to aptitude test in the Chancellor's question . Who has the right stuff to lead the country? The crisis winner is so far, Markus Söder , but actually, none of the CDU wants to leave officials in the next year, the CSU, the Chancellor candidacy.

1980 (Franz Josef Strauss) and 2002 (Edmund Stoiber) put the "big sister" in severe crises. Currently, however, the Corona-management of the crisis has catapulted the CDU in the polls to the top. The prospect of the next Chancellor, are well. Still party boss, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is likely to already regret, that you announced at the beginning of February due to the today almost forgotten quarrels in Thuringia, their farewell. Four weeks later, Corona came.

there is Still time. In December, the CDU shall designate its Chairman. And self-CSU-strategists assume that the new head goes with the claim of the party Congress, the Merkel successor to compete. But the race, which seemed to Laschet walking, is re-opened.

Corona-tangled in Gütersloh: Laschet collapses in the polls - to Merz, there are doubts

In Berlin you complains about that Laschet currently, no blunders outlets. Also the Interview in the ARD"issues of the day" on Tuesday night was perceived as unhappy. Multiple of the NRW Prime Minister left the question unanswered, why he had not announced the Lockdown in Gütersloh earlier. In the polls in his state Laschet broke last.

At the same time, there is more doubt as to whether Friedrich Merz is the right man to lead Germany into the new time after Corona. "If in the autumn, the focus is more on the economic problems that could rise his stock again," says one of the Union pioneers. Merz, without government office is currently at a distinct disadvantage, therefore, plays on time and woos with his Interviews especially the CDU functionary level. However, not all are convinced, if he reaches the base. Finally, it tried to Merz with an approach to the idea of Black-and-Green.

CDU power struggle in Corona times: Spahn in front of the "reputation" to the top? Before Laschet, the summer hole

yawning again and again, another Name: Jens Spahn falls that is why . At the end of February, the surveys for the health Minister seemed completely hopeless, which is why he entered into an Alliance with Laschet. The two together seemed all wings of the CDU cover. Merz ranting and raving already about a "kind of cartel to the weakening of the competition". It seemed like a smart move to flush the liberal Laschet to the Chancellery and to secure the conservative Spahn, at least, the group's presidency. In the meantime, however, the questions of whether the Alliance holds at all to go to the Convention in December will be more frequent.

By itself, may terminate Spahn it. He therefore says now in the "spark" that he had decided to "consciously" for a Tandem solution with Laschet. "The reasons why Armin Laschet and I have decided to do this step also on the Team are still just as valid." But he can be called. Union strategists look with concern on the summer hole. The CDU chairmanship could be one of the hot topics in July and August. With many great Interviews and many established pitfalls.

Mike Schier

Date Of Update: 27 June 2020, 02:33