Analysis | The extravagance of not having a Government

On occasion he has told Felipe González, and detailed Jordi Grace in his recent biography of Javier Pradera, nothing more to earn the PSOE, the first elections

Analysis | The extravagance of not having a Government

On occasion he has told Felipe González, and detailed Jordi Grace in his recent biography of Javier Pradera, nothing more to earn the PSOE, the first elections in 1982, with a vast absolute majority, appeared in The Moncloa two good friends (Clement Auger and the Prairie), terrified before the to come to a socialist with no experience of Government; he says that he was advised that he should not do anything ground-breaking with the past. His main political objective, above all others, was last. That was their historical mission, to install socialism in the map of the political centralism, it is absent from the Second Republic. Gonzalez not made them too case (building of the Welfare State, income in Europe, military reform to end the istiophoridae coup,...) and, moreover, lasted 14 years.

The joint that opens if you govern the PSOE and We will take the same priority —last— if you don't want to be just an asterisk in history, but with other procedures. There is No absolute majority. To achieve this you will have to do a lot of politics, close enough commitments, to fulfill different promises and knotting different complicity. Why?

1.— If you finally do not leave the formula of the Government of coalition PSOE-we Can, following the agreements of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president, many voters (quite a few socialists, the majority of us Can and many others without affiliation known) will think, vote what you vote for citizenship, the left will not be able to govern, which is an anomaly in democracy. Now we will have to see if you meet the 100-day truce which before they had the governments newly formed, regardless of its ideology, by courtesy of parliament.

2.— The next Government will be a coalition between the social democrats and their left, something little seen in the habits of the countries of our environment. The precedents are mostly in the stage of Mitterrand (socialists and communists) and in the recent Greece of Syriza. You do not have enough case law on their operation.

3.— As the alchemists of the Right chop to the agreement —if any— between CKD and the PSOE in order to facilitate the presidency to Sanchez, it will jump to the foreground the agreement signed between the socialists and Paul Churches, with the goal of governing a legislature. With its contradictions: in the agreement includes the impulse of social policies and new rights, “according to the agreements of fiscal responsibility with Europe”, but also promises greater net spending, which is dedicated to the protection of public services, especially education (including the impulse to nursery schools), the public health service and the attention to the dependence or the sustaining of a State of being solid and durable.

4.— Remains fully applicable to the limit Europe. The previous European Commission, is not contradicted by the new, asked for a cut to Spain of 10,000 million euros in the next budget (which shall enter into force on the day after tomorrow is, once more, the Cristobal Montoro, again extended) and stressed that our country has to use all of the windfall to reduce the debt, which will be very difficult in a coalition Government like the one that is expected to be formed, in a situation with so many needs and urgent problems, and so many promises immediate (indexation of pensions, a rise in the salary of officials and the minimum wage, consideration of housing as a right and not a commodity, to annul the dismissal due to illness, etc.).

5.— The new Government has a huge task in the field of reforms, given the delay of governance that affects our country: the tax will be the mother of them all, because it will determine if there are sufficient resources to put in motion all the others: energy and the fight against climate emergencies; the regional finances; the labour to limit the duality of the labour market, returning the centrality of collective bargaining, and to correct the devaluation of salary; the pension, and so on. A fiscal reform that is “fair and progressive that will bring us closer to Europe and to eliminate tax privileges” will be the mother of all political battles in the Parliament, given the points that you want to support. Is still in force —is always in effect— the principle that what does not pay, some will do the others.

6.— A coalition Government has to practice, above all, the principle of non-contradiction: a proposition and its negation cannot both be true at the same time and in the same sense. The first press conference of the new president will be more massive than that at the beginning of 1983, he announced the devaluation of the peseta, the rise in the price of petrol and the axes of a set plan for a decade, and marked the philosophy with which the socialists ruled for nearly three decades in a row.

Date Of Update: 31 December 2019, 03:00