Analysis | Ends, Christmas begins the Carnival

Spain already has a Government and Spain already has opposition. It is not the Government that wanted the opposition nor the opposition wanted the Government, b

Analysis | Ends, Christmas begins the Carnival

Spain already has a Government and Spain already has opposition. It is not the Government that wanted the opposition nor the opposition wanted the Government, but it is what there is and what there is is not new: it's usually a pass. Democracy, such as cohabitation, it will not of loving but of supported. It is a system of government according to which, according to María Zambrano, not only allows, but demands, to be a person.

To 14.28, Batet Lamaña, Meritxell, whose name is pronounced Suárez Illana, Adolfo, voted yes to Pedro Sánchez was president of the Government. He did it with a smile, “what has been the cost,” while Adriana Lastra started to cry in his seat. So ends Christmas in Spain, putting chairs. As a last gift, was announced at the beginning of the day that Thomas Guitarte, deputy Teruel Exists, he spent the night in an unknown location, inaugurating a mode revolutionary for when the night go out of hand and show up two days later in house: we didn't reach you because you were going to vote for Pedro Sanchez. The concept “vote for Sanchez” as the passphrase democratic in the middle of a after. Guitarte, subject to pressures savage to change his vote, he took refuge in a secret place (hopefully the reserved of Arahy, where Rajoy spent the censure motion) and the news gave as much flight as a protected witness who was surprised that they don't take advantage of the situation to made some touch-ups and appear with a face approximate to that of Brad Pitt. In Valladolid, plaza historically favorable to Brad Pitt, league insurance.

Guitarte was cheered by the machine left because of calvary that has made it pass their vote. Threats, graffiti, harassment, calls. It was considered legitimate, in the final minutes of the parliamentary session Sunday, invade the field; touch the alarm in one of the most amusing gestures of cowardice and political morality which has given this country: it is strong enough to resist the outcome of elections. That security comes from those who everyday speak of the strength of the nation's oldest of all, empire and homeland top, it's no surprise: Spain can be with Napoleon, but not with Rogue. Ready are not: it turns out that the melting of calls, messages, insults, and persecutions of the members of ‘yes’, if one changed the vote would be “appealing to their conscience.” Guitarte, just in case, he insisted that his vote decided the party they represented; Ana Oramas, mp canaria, asked pardon of his party to rebel against him (agreed abstention) and voted no.


DIRECT Reactions to the investiture of Pedro Sanchez Pressure on the deputy of Teruel Exists: to 8,800 ‘emails’ to change their vote Eight games, 91 folios, 313 commitments for a coalition Government

it Was very emotional. There was like a kind of hangover in the Parliament after the vicious debates of the weekend. Well it is true that it is not the same to discuss the five January the seven. Attended the session Aina Vidal, of In Common to and Can, sick of cancer, applauded during and honored at the end of the session, also by many deputies of their political adversaries. Be people, said Zambrano. Also it may not be so, unfortunately. Churches broke down to tears while he was delivering a bouquet of flowers. Paul Married, in the meantime, he taught in what is the democratic life of the country: speech very hard, and congratulations to the winner. Stir and cries of “yes we can”. By the way, three important phrases. The first of Errejón: could four years ago and it would have saved us the parade of nationalities criminalized in the tribune of the Congress; the second, of Churches: “If you want to defend the Monarchy, to avoid the Monarchy is identified with you.” Applicable to victims of terrorism, which —from the sister of Gregorio Ordóñez is the daughter of Ernest Lluch— have returned to ask Married not to talk on your behalf. Reproach is a bitter and harsh that you will like. If Spain, the Constitution and the King are only of them, how it's not going to be everything else.

The phrase most important of the morning was delivered Montserrat Bassa, of Esquerra Republicana. Ruffian speaks to the rest of Spain and Bassa to Catalonia. And Bassa said that “personally” it governance in Spain cared “a damn”. The best is vegan and is that what you're saying is that Spain will matter a lot because the cumin is essential in your diet, but what is more likely is that you said exactly that: that the opposition of Sanchez will not be the official one but the one that has to intramuros, 13 members, whose votes will have to live as you live with the beavers, that bite wood, not for pleasure or for food, but to iron out a few teeth that never, throughout his life, we stop growing.

Date Of Update: 08 January 2020, 02:00