Am disappointed!: School Start dirty after Lockdown - it would have been so easy

love school, I have asked myself in the last few weeks, very often, what you actually do? So, your teachers, and your Director and also the caretaker and all

Am disappointed!: School Start dirty after Lockdown - it would have been so easy

love school,

I have asked myself in the last few weeks, very often, what you actually do? So, your teachers, and your Director and also the caretaker and all the others, while I juggle for weeks between Home Office and Home Schooling. In a letter to you, on behalf of course for all that are involved in this System, I want to share with you my thoughts.

I am optimistic, and I believe out of Conviction first, always, to the Good. Therefore, I was quite sure that it will be after the Whitsun holiday, a cool concept, because of the return of the students after the Lockdown to you – so in the school – was well crafted.

In your parents ' letters to me you have reported me to always be proud of your preparations. Here you have forwarded me letters from the colleagues from the Ministry. The so-called hygiene concepts you developed, you created new class rooms, and tables at a distance brought. You've created new lesson plans and disinfectants are purchased.

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I was pretty excited to see what will be expected of my child and the whole family was looking forward to a little normality after the holidays. The burden of the Home Office, and Home Schooling has not always done well, and rarely has the mood lifted. When my daughter reported that you got hung up on the first day of school after the Corona balloons and colorful welcome signs, I was very excited.

But, unfortunately, it turned out differently after the Lockdown

this first week, but then primarily from hand-washing and the spacing rules to Explain them and has us very disappointed. It would have been so important for the children to pick up, to bring to a common denominator and to use in the classroom for repetition of the new Curriculum.

How sorry we are parents to do your homework for you. We also live with the corona-crisis and all its consequences. In my company, for example, we were sent very quickly to the beginning of the pandemic to the Home Office. I had exactly a week to organize myself and to make everyday life with work and school-aged children, and on the legs. You've had weeks.

From normality in the school, not a trace,

You were in the last weeks of technique rank by "have introduced Windows team" for your students – after it became clear that it would not work with the learning platform "Mebis" (for students in Bavaria) alone. In between there were, however, the "home worker App", the normal e-mails and communication in the parents ' portal.

Everything is not easy, I understand, finally, the test needs to think of you but only to the subject and still to things like privacy, and much more. But still it will take for us as parents too long to access information and work orders. Often we need to login daily to at least four different portals, in order to get clarity.

to Download, upload, system crash

If we are in the morning Rush Hour succeed in an Online work order download, without that the System breaks down, so my personal Highlight is still the re-upload of the completed tasks – that is to say the solutions are: scanning, and then via Mebis the right folder – what a mess. In between the System crashes at least once. And why the need to have each teacher differently? Can't you be you, at least within the school agree?

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I have a second schoolage child. To my personal happiness, however, already in the 11. Grade level and, therefore, from the Corona-Home-Schooling-madness at least somewhat spared. My sympathy goes out to the parents who have children in elementary school or other lower-born.

Why do you make no sensible teaching Online?

Why not get the children in the Home-Schooling weeks more work orders, you need to do then back home alone? Now, you love school so hard, to technically upgrade and it is not possible for you to bring to the classroom to the nursery. This can't be! Instead, there are Online office hours and Meetings, in which so much about everything is spoken – only, unfortunately, rarely about school.

tech-savvy children with good Wi-Fi network and decent Hardware are still clear in the advantage. But why can't you transfer the lessons in the Home Schooling-weeks home? This requires no disinfectants and no distance rules. It would be Easy to transfer the instruction via the camera home. It would also be quite normal after hours plan – as in the past.

classroom is a sham

For my daughter has today started the second week of classroom teaching, love the school, I have to tell you, you haven't done your homework well.

so much space is Because you are not divided in our classes as it is elsewhere in the state. At first I thought it might be a benefit – so will be able to meet all the children at the same time and again. In terms of a potential contagion, and the learning hours in it I see no advantages. And also the content around a little in the process. There are far too many children, to repeat the substance reasonable. My child is coming daily to you, but somehow remains the work (i.e., Explain, and teach) still on me.

at The Moment I am almost two hours in the city traffic, in order to bring my child to 8 at you, and at 13 o'clock to come back again. Sometimes, the classroom starts at 10 am. Then I have a mere three hours, I can work in peace at home. What I got, if I need to make at the end of everything alone?

Not a good testimony for you, love school

Overall, I can issue you unfortunately, not a good testimony, love school, and me before the next school year. grayed out I'm not sure whether you will be able to get a good structure in your life.

Now, Seriously: Is it so hard to have a reasonable concept on the legs? Then give me a call – I'll get you, your work assignments and your homework, of course in my everyday work. As a working mother, I am totally flexible.

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