Age researchers reveals: This is the formula for a long life

The people are getting older, at least in the average. Life expectancy has increased in Germany in recent decades. Men are, on average, 79 years old, women 84 y

Age researchers reveals: This is the formula for a long life

The people are getting older, at least in the average. Life expectancy has increased in Germany in recent decades. Men are, on average, 79 years old, women 84 years.

That means for each of us, that he can expect a long life - if nothing Unexpected happens. But how can we be healthy and with joy old? There is a formula for a long life? Yes, says Hans-Werner Wahl, Director of the network aging research at the University of Heidelberg.

The aging researchers call it the "Do-and-Can-formula". Specifically: Do you have certain things and let other way. Because "aging begins, not least in our head," said choice, in his book "The new psychology of aging" at length.

we'll Start with the "Do": Be optimistic!

"It is very important that we draw a differentiated image of aging that is not only deficit," says choice. Because the genes are only about 20 percent, which decide how old a person is.

"How everyone interprets one's own aging, plays a crucial role," says the researcher. Stereotypes such as "80, I may not have to travel around the world or Sex," the face of our point of view.

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studies show even: people aging with early-50 bad and pessimistic are adjusted, 20 years later, higher disease rates, for example, in the case of cardiovascular diseases. Seven years longer, you can live with optimism, found choice.

This means: Check your own Stereotypes and consider in the new age.

it's fitting that Jopie Heesters wife, Simone Rethel in an interview with the "süddeutsche Zeitung" said: "We have always lived as if we had even 30 years time."

life you young!

people who see aging in a positive, life healthier and are healthier. Because negative evaluations of one's own Ageing lead to an increase in distributions of stress hormones. This increases the risk of disease and provoked losses of cognitive abilities.

In return, people who feel younger make your everyday life more active – learn languages and move more. In addition, such people are more likely to screening, such as choice explained. This, in turn, helps to discover diseases earlier and to better treat.

Give the gift of mindfulness – for yourself!

mindfulness is in each of the age good choice. She gives us quality of life. It is important always to distinguish. Especially older people are very careful with it. Because you think in terms of shorter perspectives for the future.

to the Extent that they carefully select The things, activities and people, which is good for me. Everything else I leave on the left. A study has shown that this "positivity effect": Different age groups received the friendly and unfriendly faces shown. Older people remembered more positive faces.

Give the gift of mindfulness – other!

"The salt of ageing is to be used," says Hans-Werner Wahl. Grandparents who care, for example, your grandchild, studies show healthier. But even those who have no grandchildren or family members, can meet this part of the formula. Important here is the social commitment is and in any age to start.

With more than 14 million volunteers (survey of the IfD Allensbach in 2016) there are already many people in Germany are on a good way to live a long life. A in the journal "Health Psychology" published a study showed that those Who engaged voluntarily reduced his risk of death for four years – but only if he did it with altruistic goals.

get the best possible support!

of Course, diseases are to the Older. "Can't talk," admits researcher choice. What to help from the psychological side: most of it does not happen from today to tomorrow. We grow in this Situation and are able to adapt. People learn to live with changed circumstances.

Despite the habituation Hans-Werner choice advocates: "don't Take too many disease developments, you must find the best possible treatments and rehabilitations!" Even if Much of it is not up to the healing treatable, can be a lot of get out for good coping with everyday life – for example, with strength training, resources such as robots, or Smart Homes.

we Come now to "Leave" the formula for a long life: stop Smoking!

That Smoking is bad for health and one should be new. To deliver yet once again a reason to finally be non Smoking, be reminded at this point of it:

Each cigarette increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. Five and a half years of life cost Smoking is the.

lowers But it's never too late: Even those who are older than 60 years, with a smoke to be cardiac death-risk stop within a few years. The scientists analyzed the German cancer research Institute, more than half a Million people from Europe and the USA.

you Stand up!

As the new Smoking many experts Sitting. Clearly, the a lot of office jobs. As a result, the risk of premature death increases. But: Already the one who gets up every 30 minutes, on the other hand is. The Keith Diaz, Columbia University Vagelos College of Phsyicians and Surgeons found, in a study. And who has to sit replaced in 30 minutes by 30 minutes of light physical activity reduces premature death risk by 17 percent. A walk is enough already.

are you Looking for new goals!

you will Give up rather earlier goals. In the case of straight men, which were oriented in the job performance, is often difficult. This was the case, a choice that, for older people, a relief, to separate from Material such as a house or money.

For a long life what scientists are under the concept of Gerotranszendenz believe helps. Arrange for what you have done in your life, you will look back and you are looking for new goals. In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In the

Updated Date: 24 June 2020, 14:26

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