ARD-documentary fails to draw a connection between the refugee and Corona - anger

Ken Jebsen contrary to the roars of his followers, the messages, and the rage-tirades of the activists excited. First, if a vaccine against Covid is found 19, w

ARD-documentary fails to draw a connection between the refugee and Corona - anger

Ken Jebsen contrary to the roars of his followers, the messages, and the rage-tirades of the activists excited. First, if a vaccine against Covid is found 19, will be back to normal in Germany. So the Chancellor had said. Jebsen holds devastating: "I say, this country can return to normality, if Merkel and her Team assign at last."

Wutwellen in the Era Merkel

The listener on the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart on this day of may, 2020 are completely thrilled. In other Parts of the country, apparently many are also. A million times was clicked, the Chancellor's abuse of the activists to the so-called "vigil" for the basic law on Youtube. A country out of the Lot. Again. 2015 is already a sample collected loose Wutwelle Germany. "Against the media, against the government, and particularly against the Chancellor," the documentation "Angela Merkel analyzed: 'We can do this!'" (ARD, 22.45 clock) by Michael judge.

Once more, a crack runs through the country. The deep distrust of "the System", the Aggression against the woman for nearly 15 years at the helm of the government, are at it again. Right away, this mood will never be, anyway. What connects the first rage-wave of the Merkel Era with the second?

The AfD is restored to the body, but clearly a loss of plugging

Clearly, the AfD is restored to the body. The AfD, which is trying with the refugee crisis, the change of the Anti-Europe Anti - refugee party took place and now, again, the political profiteer of a crisis. Only that this time, the provisional findings – setting is not about the renewed success, but the Gauland-and-Höcke-party significant losses recorded must.

Here, as in many parts of the ARD-documentation shows that the Parallel carry too far. Finally, a conscious decision of the government at the beginning of the crisis, in the event of a disaster, the breaks over, the world is in a case. The grudge keeps on Merkel in the past – you can see by the Approval ratings of the Corona-protection measures – were fairly limited.

The suspect comes after a few minutes, and it is reinforced throughout the film: The documentary "We" began as a Film on the refugee crisis in the autumn of 2015 and the stirring period thereafter. But then the Corona of a pandemic came from. Judge and his colleagues felt that there is a reversal of probably even greater significance has begun. You tried to save your origin project, which was to save to and linked both topics to each other a bit. You propften the analysis of the protests against the Corona conditions, the crude messages of the conspiracy-believers, and the freedom advocates, on the refugee protests and the violent waves.

To crises is not prepared

This experiment had to go wrong, and he was also quite wrong. Thomas de Maizière, Federal Minister at the height of the refugee crisis, and looks inside, after all, a Parallel with educational value: "Unfortunately, democracies are in the process of learning during and after crises, and prepare for little to crises."

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"knife-men" and "headscarf girl"

Otherwise: a lot of well-Known to the refugee crisis. Familiar sayings, often seen images, common analyses. Since Merkel's cheerful announcement that "We can do this", to the notes of the de Maizière law, the sentence had become Autonomous later. As Alexander Gaulands booming are "We will hunt them down", Alice Weidels (both AfD) snorting were the end of the Hetz-speech against "knife-men" and "head scarf girl," the call to Battle in the battle of new majorities. dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa Alexander Gauland, Chairman of the AfD.

And viewers will once again see images of those Cologne's new year's eve 2015, "perception and discourse" changed, as it is called in the Film. Because suddenly appeared the refugees not only as protection, but some at the same time, as potential perpetrators of violence. The spotlight follows as to bounce light.

This night made it obvious to all that the Slogan "Refugees Welcome" had lost their meaning. In the Saxon Clausnitz an angry group of people refugees prevented then in February, on the Off, contrary bellowed the newcomers hate messages. A shock of light.

the refugee crisis only "outsourced"?

The political scientist Herfried Münkler sorted the situation in the Film: There are more people in the refugee assistance are active, as in the AfD involved. At the level of the "collective psyche" however, Germany had not been "living up to its potential".

Anyway, the human problems are now in Parts of the look, but by no means solved, such as Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth (Green party) calls to the memory. The States in the misery of the camp of Moria in Lesbos, for example, continue to be people unworthy of it. The refugee crisis was "outsourced", it is said in the Film. The realization that the Federal government was able to save inside a crucial part of their refugee policy, but foreign and Euro politically, to date, the breakthrough did not materialize, is one of the core messages of the film.

Virus crisis as a mushroom or putty

For Germany's future, it will issue in the next few months, to the key, if the old division of the refugee crisis in the pandemic, "reloaded", or maybe "worse" is, we formulated it Robin Alexander, Deputy editor-in-chief of the "world".

The conclusion at the end: For a Film about the refugee crisis comes, the documentation is pretty late. Because there is a good analysis – as, for example, the docu-Story "The Driven" – are already available. For a Film about the Corona-crisis Richter's contribution clearly comes too early. As it is apparent that a more in-depth research into the causes for this distrust against "the Rulers", the anger and the willingness, even the most bizarre conspiracy theory is to believe, even as a very difficult. And still it is not decided whether the Corona splits pandemic in Germany, or possibly even bond.

the Film ends honestly with a question: "do we make it?" The answer, he must remain guilty. Has it lied? Shock Video out of the canteen proves that the rules FOCUS Online/Wochit has failed to Tönnies Has lied? Shock Video out of the canteen proves that rules have been violated, the cold air drops heat wave stops short in chess, but here are the 37 degrees to be cracked PCP cold air drops heat wave stops short in chess, but here are the 37 degree of be cracked

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