A Bavarian as Chancellor: Creating Söder what Strauss and Stoiber failed?

"Angela Merkel is engaged in an ever more complex world with great passion to Details and has the ability, also in the point of view of a person to think," sa

A Bavarian as Chancellor: Creating Söder what Strauss and Stoiber failed?

"Angela Merkel is engaged in an ever more complex world with great passion to Details and has the ability, also in the point of view of a person to think," said Chancellery Minister Helge Braun, the "picture on Sunday". It was a "very important prerequisite for political success - in addition to toughness, shrewdness and endurance," said brown. "These are properties that should be sure to have a future Chancellor."

"is My place in Bavaria,"

On the question of whether Söder have these properties, said brown: "Markus Söder has these properties, too." About a possible candidacy for Chancellor Söders will always speculated again - even if he had recently once again made clear: "My place is always in Bavaria."

In the case of the CDU is at the 4. December first, the election of new party leaders, and candidates in North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister, Armin Laschet, Friedrich Merz and Norbert Röttgen. Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder is situated in the surveys for the Chancellor candidacy, however, before these three, if he has, unlike previously claimed, however, interest in the candidacy for Chancellor.

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However,. appears to be some Failure of the CSU-candidate for Chancellor, Franz Josef Strauss in 1980 and Edmund Stoiber in 2002, as proof that a Bavarian can't be Chancellor In a cool analysis Markus Söder is not likely to deter this. For a Erhard from 1963 to 1966 was with the Fürther Ludwig a Bayer Chancellor. On the other, Strauss and Stoiber were from the Opposition and not only with completely different conditions.

In election campaign appearances, CSU needed-in-chief of the police protection

The candidacy for Chancellor of the CSU Chairman Strauss about began with polarization - and failed precisely Because the CDU Chairman Helmut Kohl and Strauss were sworn enemies, they could not agree on a common Union candidate for Chancellor. So parliamentary group of the CDU/CSU to a fight candidacy between the Bavaria and lower Saxony, Ernst Albrecht, who was able to win the bouquet.

In the of Edmund Stoiber organized the election campaign, it was confrontational more. Strauss attacked the SPD with your Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, sharp, and presented himself as a man of the Right. To make the attempted left-wing intellectuals against Strauss mood. "Stop Strauss"badges were all the rage in the election campaign appearances of the CSU chief of police needed protection.

This split was detrimental to the CDU and the CSU. Both parties got worse results than in the case of the Bundestag elections in 1976, the CDU lost significantly more restraint than the CSU. Schmidt remained with the SPD-FDP government of Chancellor.

Stoiber was tormented by the fear of making mistakes

22 years later, the Union was again in the Opposition, as the Stoiber - after long Hesitation - Chancellor the candidate was. The former CDU leader Angela Merkel and Stoiber fought hard battles with each other. Merkel was there but not on a struggle campaign against Stoiber arrive, but to this the Chancellor candidacy to the Wolfratshauser Breakfast.

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a few weeks after that, the "mirror described the" Stoiber as a "man without qualities" and told him to be afraid of bugs tormented. The description proved to be accurate. Although increased with Stoiber's candidacy for Chancellor in a poll of the Union's values first, but in the hot Phase of the election campaign, SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder an easy game with the Bavarian procrastinator.

Merkel repeated three times less percent for the CDU than Stoiber, 2002

Schroeder continued with his " no " to German participation in the Iraq war a foreign policy exclamation point, while Stoiber around has manoeuvred here in a long time. Critical sentiment then, as in August 2002 a flood of the century, especially in Eastern Germany for the huge damage caused. Schröder convinced, as a crisis Manager and led the SPD to a wafer-thin victory over the Union.

With the Stoiber-effect of the CSU could not get in Bayern's a brilliant result, the CDU took the momentum in the other provinces. Both parties were able to improve your earnings but compared to the previous Bundestag elections. From the pure Numbers can also not conclude that a CSU-candidate for the CDU-supporters draws: Merkel repeated in three of their four election victories for the CDU less percentage than Stoiber in 2002.

According to Merkel's retreat no competition in the Chancellery

However, the analyses of the Stoiber-election in 2002, agreed that more would have been for the CSU-man in it - his Procrastination and his sobriety prevented compared to the emotional Schröder this. The polarizer bouquet and the procrastinators Stoiber failed, that may be a good part to themselves. Above all, they failed to SPD Federal Chancellor with a good popularity values.

This could be the decisive Argument for Söder to give it a try - after the withdrawal of Merkel's on the old part there is no competition in the Chancellery.

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