100,000 of Corona-Killed: Out of Spite Brazilians in the service of science

The Virus, says Denise Abranches, you encounter every day. "It is a daily struggle," she says. Abranches has coordinated the Department of dentistry of the Ho

100,000 of Corona-Killed: Out of Spite Brazilians in the service of science

The Virus, says Denise Abranches, you encounter every day. "It is a daily struggle," she says. Abranches has coordinated the Department of dentistry of the Hospital of São Paulo, and clean as a dental surgeon in the mouth of Corona patients, thus no additional risk of infection.

For more than 20 years, she works in the hospital. When she hears that the Hospital of the Universidade Federal de São Paulo will participate in a so-called Phase-III-study for the University of Oxford developed Corona vaccine, according to Abranches in the same. Also because you and your colleagues are witnesses of many sad scenes were, for many a lonely death: "This touches a lot."

Brazil: "It is a privilege to be in this important Moment,"

The 47-Year-old is not the first Volunteer in Brazil, which has received the vaccination - whether in fact the active ingredient or an effective means of control values to Compare it to, know you, however. "It is a privilege to be in this important Moment not only for us Brazilians, we are the protagonists, but also for the world, which is waiting for a vaccination," says Abranches of the German press Agency.

thousands of Volunteers from the health sector and other areas where it is exposed to the Coronavirus reinforced and have not been infected yet, as Abranches in the past few weeks or will get in the coming weeks - vaccination. Brazil has become the test laboratory in the world.

The researchers from Oxford have developed a vaccine tests the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in the largest and most populous country in Latin America since June. 20. July has also launched the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac in Brazil, the pivotal Phase III trial for its vaccine. In this Phase, aiming at the approval of an active substance, is determined, the effectiveness of a large group of people.

Brazil is the world's test laboratory

Recently, the Brazilian authority granted for health, the approval for the testing of a substance of the Mainz biopharmaceutical company Biontech and the US group Pfizer. Also, this study has begun, according to media reports. As Sue Ann Clemens, member of the Committee of Curevac, the dpa confirmed the plans, the tübingen-based Biotech company, from September or October to a vaccine to test candidates in Brazil.

Brazil, is currently one of the focal points of the Corona pandemic. More than three million people have been infected, according to official figures, more than 100 000 patients have died in connection with Covid-19. The actual Figures are likely to be far higher, because in the country very little is tested. In many places, the curve of infection is increasing numbers, what is the crucial Phase of vaccine testing is an advantage.

Brazil has excellent research institutions such as the Instituto Butantan and the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), in São Paulo (Sinovac) and Rio de Janeiro (AstraZeneca), the leadership of the Tests, has shown the country in the past. Brazil was in the case of health crises, for example by HIV or Zika, a pioneer of the emerging countries.

population is against President Bolsonaro

This is in stark contrast to the controversial management of the crisis by President of Jair Bolsonaro, the verharmloste the Coronavirus as a "small flu", restrictions and protective measures rejected and the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to the Covid-19-championing treatment, although positive effects are not proven and the substance of strong side-effects. His government is relying on conspiracy theories and Fake News rather than on scientific facts.

"I believe in science," says Denise Abranches. Since five months it is almost only between the hospital and the home away from home, the daily struggle against the Virus is in your everyday life. She hopes that the vaccine Tests are successful, so you can soon meet again family and friends. Brazil prepares to produce a vaccine. It has made agreements to get in the case of proven effectiveness of millions of doses of the vaccine.

for example, the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz waits for the vaccine from AstraZeneca will be allowed to start the production. The vaccine factory of Fiocruz in the North zone of Rio is one of the largest in Latin America. Last year, nearly 110 million doses of vaccine were produced for the public Brazilian health system, in addition to Bio-Manguinhos to the Portal "G1" that produces 80 percent of the world's yellow fever vaccinations.

With views of the Corona vaccine is the Deputy production Manager Luiz Lima says: "This is possibly the biggest challenge in the history of Bio-Manguinhos. The big advantage is, that we have already been through a similar experience as in the case of the yellow fever, and our Knowledge can make use of.

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Date Of Update: 11 August 2020, 21:27

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