1000 Güterslohs at once: In the fight against Corona Trump has just given up

The United States will reach a new Virus record: On the Wednesday before or 50,700 new infections were reported - so many were there within a day never. On Twit

1000 Güterslohs at once: In the fight against Corona Trump has just given up

The United States will reach a new Virus record: On the Wednesday before or 50,700 new infections were reported - so many were there within a day never. On Twitter, a United States circulating-map that shows the extent of. A user had created these districts and writes about it: "Until I had created this card, I can not assess how bad the Situation is." This map shows districts with more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last week.

The Twitter user refers to the observation value in Germany: If more than 50 new infections reported within seven days in a County can re-enter local measures. In Germany, this was, for example, in the district of Gütersloh in the case. In the UK the city of Leicester is considered to be the "Prime example". Otherwise in the United States: Because that is where it should be according to the graph "1000 Güterslohs".

But Donald Trump shows anything other than shocked. The economy will recover soon and "the Virus will eventually disappear to a certain extent easy," said the US President on Wednesday in an interview with the television channel Fox Business.

experts are sounding the Alarm

As casually Trump the risk of bypasses is also reflected by the fact that he has made about his democratic rivals, Joe Biden, funny, the mask is wearing. Trumps consultants warn, however. "Can you please write masks," urges Jerome Adams, a General Surgeon and a member of the Corona Task Force. And the top American virologist Anthony Fauci has warned on Tuesday in the U.S. Senate, the number of daily new infections in the U.S. could soar to $ 100,000 if the behavior of the people change.

Still on 4. Of July, America's National Holiday. On the independence day is usually celebrated all over the country, there are a lot of events. Very unfavorable in this Situation. Some States have already responded by blocking about beaches.

in Front of all the US States in the South and the West have to fight with the Virus strongly. Alaska, Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas, reached record levels in the case of the new infections are among per day. How bad the Situation is in some places, also shows that some U.S. States have introduced immigration rules for people from the national Hotspots.

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Arizona back row, but the Governor visited Trump-event

Meanwhile, more than 84,000 cases in Arizona confirmed. According to the "New York Times" have exceeded all districts in the 50 Infected per 100,000 population, sometimes with devastating Figures, such as Santa Cruz (3.921 in 100,000), and Navajo (3.338). In addition, 84 percent of the current inpatient beds and 88 per cent of intensive care beds are on Wednesday, as evidenced by the newspaper "The Arizona Republic" writes. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey returned already to similar measures were considered previously by the middle of may: For almost 7.3 million citizens Bars, night clubs, cinemas and fitness studios until 27 remain. July closed. Even gatherings of more than 50 persons are prohibited. This is the Republicans announced on Monday at a press conference on the grounds that he had seen "photos and Videos of some of the things that are happening this weekend in our state."

Ducey is concerned that the Numbers are again high, until the measures are showing their effect. Already a week ago, he exhorted the citizens to stay at home. Shortly thereafter, Ducey was heavily criticised as photos emerged that showed him with the mask at a crowded election event by Donald Trump.

beaches in Florida close Congress with Trump in August

Also, Florida has to react and closes shortly before the independence day, the beaches in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Of the 67 districts, according to "New York Times" only a district of the 50s-brand (Franklin). On average, Florida has Infected 100,000 population 740, worst of all, the districts Hendry (2.332 to 100,000), Hamilton (2391) and Liberty (2657) are affected.

In Florida, each city decides, in the meantime, even on measures. The Republican Governor Ron DeSantis leaves it, therefore, the municipalities, whether they require the Wearing of a mask. In the city of Jacksonville, where Trump will be named in August in the Wake of the party Congress as the presidential candidate of the Republicans, in public buildings, where distance requirements cannot be met, masks are worn. Trumps, Republicans had shifted their party due to stricter Corona-requirements in North Carolina to Florida.

Texas closes Bars according to the request of the cities of

in the state of Texas, the cities lay down the measures as far as possible self. Many of the mayor asked, however, already at the beginning of may the Governor Greg Abbott, to create uniform rules in order to avoid a further outbreak. In Texas, the measures were lifted early again, Abbott wanted to stimulate the economy. The second most populous U.S. state now has a mortality rate due to the Coronavirus, similar to three months ago in New York, such as the magazine "Bloomberg" writes.

it is Only now that the Republicans have made Abbott's concessions, and left last week, the Bars and pubs close, a mask, a recommendation he has not spoken to today. He makes it Trump. "She has never seen with a mask": a journalist puts Merkel burning question, FOCUS Online/Wochit At a press conference in Meseberg: "she has never seen with a mask": a journalist puts Merkel explosive issue

Updated Date: 02 July 2020, 08:26

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