On May 11, 2015, Monday, a man was shot on Continental Avenue. Around 5:30 in the morning, Humberto Nava, 31, was pronounced dead, following an argument, according to detectives.

That early morning outside an apartment complex along the Continental Avenue, a man was shot, and was immediately pronounced dead at the scene. The LA County Department of Coroner spokesman, Ed Winter identified Humberto Nava as the victim. Nava was a resident of South El Monte.

According to the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau, Lieutenant John Corina said an argument occurred, prior to the shooting. Witnesses said they heard an argument outside the building, and was followed by gunfire. Witnesses also said one of the voices they hear probably belonged to the victim, but could not tell in detail how the dispute started.

The deputies responded to a call, indicating there was an assault, along with a deadly weapon. Nava was then found at the rear of the apartment complex. The paramedics pronounced Nava dead at the scene of the crime. Corina said the victim was shot in the torso, once, while the detectives still do not have any description of a suspect.

The Lieutenant also confirmed that the victim was a gang member in El Monte, who was living with some relatives in the same apartment complex. The victim’s family, however, could not be reached on Monday for their comment regarding the incident.

Court records now show that Nava has previous convictions due to several charges, of which is battery of someone else’s spouse whom he has dated, possession of a drug paraphernalia, and drug possession.

Miranda Romero, one of the residents in the apartment complex said she did not know Nava and did not hear gunshots either. However, all she knew was deputies have been patrolling around the area a lot, while gang members are very visible in the area, walking back and forth the street.

Another resident noted seeing Nava walking within the area prior to the incident. The man explained that Nava has not been a problem in their area, so far. The man also added that he noticed deputies jotting down license plates of cars that are parked on the street about 9 in the morning that same day. According to him, the deputies said they were just looking for somebody. He also affirmed that gang members are certainly seen within the neighborhood very frequently.

In his added statement, the man said some guys sell dope on Elliot Avenue, although he had never seen Nava hang out with these guys. The man refused to disclose his name and other personal details in fear that the gang would retaliate on him due to his statements.

Until this day, the suspect is still at large due to lack of evidences and witnesses to identify him. The sheriff’s Homicide Bureau asks the community for a little help, urging anyone and everyone who knows more about the incident, any witnesses not to be scared to come to light and further information that could help the El Monte case.


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