What is the 'Squid Game' cookie craze? The viral food challenge explained

TikTok users are replicating one of the hit Netflix show's most stressful sequences.

What is the 'Squid Game' cookie craze? The viral food challenge explained

The new Netflix movie "Squid Game" is already dominating our TV screens. Now, another social media challenge is taking control of TikTok.

The series stars Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo as well as HoYeon Jung and Heo Sungtae. It has also been a big success in the United States with days of time on Netflix's Top 10 List.

The Korean drama, which is gripping and intense, is basically a cross between "The Hunger Games", "Kill Bill", and "Kill Bill". Hundreds are invited to participate in a series childhood games with deadly twists. Losers will die, while the winner will walk away with millions.

The second challenge is where competitors receive a piece caramelized sugar candy known as a "dalgona cookies" in South Korea. What's the twist? The twist? Participants who break the shape are killed. This scene can be extremely stressful, but TikTok users are inspired.

Many users uploaded videos on the social media platform of making the sweet treat. Dalgona cookies are easy to make. They only require sugar and baking soda. It takes just five steps.

  1. To caramelize sugar, heat a tablespoon of sugar on high heat. Stir frequently to prevent burning.
  2. Mix in a pinch of baking soda.
  3. After the sugar and baking soda have been well mixed, spread the mixture onto a piece of baking paper.
  4. The mixture should be flattened. Next, you can use a mold or a spoon to add any shape to the mixture.
  5. Enjoy the candy as it hardens.
  6. Some videos have received millions of views. Some users have made fun of themselves as competitors in the gory TV series. They joke that the video is either a "point-of-view" perspective or add clips to the show.