Water Gadgets: Bathtub toys for kids: These ten gadgets provide distraction

Unlike the usual toys, bath toys are waterproof.

Water Gadgets: Bathtub toys for kids: These ten gadgets provide distraction

Unlike the usual toys, bath toys are waterproof. As a result, it easily withstands every dive and can be reused as often as you like - even in your home paddling pool or on a public playground. It primarily serves to entertain children by keeping them occupied while bathing. For little water rats it increases the bathing fun, for everyone else (who doesn't like to splash around) the bathing time is automatically made more bearable. If you are still looking for a suitable water gadget, you will find it in the following list.

This eight-piece set consists of different sized plastic cups with a sea creature design that can be stacked or nested. Each cup has small holes so that water (or sand) can flow through. According to the manufacturer, the OleOletOy bath toy is suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

This Yookidoo bathtub toy is also designed to increase the fun factor: the water laboratory has suction cups with which it can be easily attached to the edge of the bathtub. A real chain reaction can then be triggered by pouring some water through the opening and then rotating the eyes of the toy or the water level indicator.

With this bath toy from Acmede, splashing is not only more fun, it also trains small children's fine motor skills: The big shark can be grabbed by the fin (an ergonomic handle) and the animal's mouth opens with a button - with which the small ones Fish included in the set can be caught. All aquatic animals are BPA-free.

This little sea lion from Tut Tut bathing world lives up to its reputation: It's loud, more precisely it can sing and makes funny noises. He can also speak topic-related sentences. Whenever the wheels on the waterproof bath toy are turned, the melodies and sounds start. The battery compartment is childproof and the sea lion has an automatic switch-off.

This water toy from Sunshine smile ensures splashy bathing fun: the whale is made of ABS material, is odorless and waterproof. Due to the buoyancy, it swims in the bathtub and draws water on its own, which it can then spray in different directions via various nozzles. Great water fun for small children.

These swimming animals are also part of the classic Bieco bath toy - the set consists of a turtle, a duck, a fish and a crab. All are made of high quality vinyl. As the name suggests, the animals are filled with air and can swim on the water without sinking. They are suitable for the tub and the beach.

This mini basketball hoop from Symiu can be attached to the edge of the bathtub with the help of two small suction cups. It comes with four plastic balls that your child can use to throw their first baskets. The material consists of hard-wearing plastic and is suitable for little water babies from the age of twelve months.

The bath toy from Haba increases bathing fun in many ways: the fish made of phthalate-free plastic (PVC) can splash water, swim on the water - or be pulled out of the water using a special device on their back and the supplied rod. According to the manufacturer, the recommended age applies to children from 18 months.

This set comes with loads of accessories: five buildable and disassemble tracks, a ball, a duck, a spoon and a mug. Bblike bath toy is made of durable plastic and rubber, non-toxic, odorless and BPA-free. It contains a caterpillar, a monkey and a star - they all have holes for the water to flow through. It attaches to the tub with three suction cups.

The bottom of this series is another water toy from Yookidoo: It consists of a pump station and a whale. The pump is attached to the bottom of the tub with suction cups and can be activated with a button: Once it has drawn water, this is either passed on to the diver or to the whale. And thrown into the air by a fountain.

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