Warm and stylish: These five winter shoes will also be on trend in 2024

The weather in winter is wet and cold.

Warm and stylish: These five winter shoes will also be on trend in 2024

The weather in winter is wet and cold. It's raining or snowing. The footwear must therefore be resilient in order to serve the wearer well. Winter shoes are therefore waterproof and well insulated. If you wear the right shoes, your feet will be dry and warm, when it's cold and wet outside. The look is also not to be neglected and so the winter shoe trends 2024 offer inspiration. Five of them at a glance.

The shoes must be water-repellent and warm. Despite their waterproof properties, winter shoes still need to be waterproofed again and again. This means they can optimally keep moisture out and protect your feet. When buying winter shoes, also make sure that they are made of breathable material. Because the shoes are well sealed, your feet could otherwise sweat. The material inside is therefore as important as the outside. A good profile is also advisable. For example, anyone who moves around the city a lot on flat and paved surfaces also benefits from good soles, because as soon as there is snow and ice, a solid tread can protect against slipping. Outdoor excursions into nature always require a solid profile. Hiking boots suitable for winter reliably protect your feet from wet and cold and provide a secure grip.

Tip: Hiking shoes should always reach above the ankle. This reduces the risk of twisting an ankle and prevents snow and moisture from getting into the shoes.

Classics never really go out of fashion, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that lace-up boots will be among the winter shoe trends in 2024. Those that have a warm brown tone on the outside and a white lining on the inside are beautiful. This creates an optical contrast. Warming teddy fleece is popular.

There is snow and ice on the streets, so it may be worth wearing a shoe with a high platform that puts some distance between your feet and the ground. Winter shoes with a platform should therefore not be missing from the winter shoe trends for 2024. The shoe can appear bulky, so should be combined with trousers that have a slim fit.

The Chelsea boots are also a popular classic. The shoe doesn't have laces, you just slip it on and the shoe fits. The simplicity and practicality of these little boots make them the ideal winter shoe. Chelsea boots are a nice basic and can be worn with anything thanks to their simplicity. In winter, specimens with warm feeding are recommended.

The next winter shoe trend in 2024 aims to reach high. Boots with a high shaft protect particularly well against the ingress of snow and ice. They also warm not only the foot but also the leg. In combination with slim-cut jeans or tights and a dress, these winter shoes look stylish.

Winter hikes in the snow are wonderful. However, the right footwear is crucial for a safe step and warm insulation. These winter-friendly hiking boots have an ankle-high shaft so that the wearer can't easily twist an ankle. Thanks to the lacing, the shoe can be individually adjusted to the foot.

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