Victoria Swarovski: "It can be sexy at the Wiesn"

Since Saturday, the beer at the Munich Oktoberfest has been flowing again.

Victoria Swarovski: "It can be sexy at the Wiesn"

Since Saturday, the beer at the Munich Oktoberfest has been flowing again. The celebrities also did the honors at the traditional cattle drive in the Käfer tent on Sunday evening. "Let's Dance" presenter Victoria Swarovski (29) celebrated together with comedian Oliver Pocher (44) and his wife Amira (29), TV star Evelyn Burdecki (34) and many more.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Swarovski explains what is special about a visit to the Oktoberfest and also gives style tips for the perfect Oktoberfest outfit.

Victoria Swarovski: The good, sometimes very exuberant atmosphere, the cozy get-together with delicious food and of course a beer or two. That's just part of it. I also like to see so many people in costume.

Swarovski: Of course, as a little girl. Like it was yesterday The many colorful lights in the evening, ride the chain carousel and swing boats. A giant cotton candy, a "Herzal" and a stuffed animal from the shooting range. Absolute highlights. All things that make little girls' hearts beat faster.

Swarovski: Definitely with "Hey Baby" by DJ Ötzi, "Angels" by Robbie Williams or "Weus'd a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk" by Rainhard Fendrich are absolute classics at the Wiesn. No one is sitting on the bench anymore.

Swarovski: This year's collection is my fourth and completely sold out apart from a few pieces. I'm very proud of that. I always get a lot of positive feedback on my dirndls and lederhosen. I really enjoy designing and of course I'm always very happy when I see someone in one of my dirndls.

Swarovski: Linen or velvet models, for example, are particularly popular this year. In terms of color, bright and soft colors are totally in trend. In my collection, I also used a lot of bright elements, but often mixed with a solid gray or cream. When it comes to blouses, longer sleeves will be popular in 2022 and sometimes with a high neck instead of a large neckline.

Swarovski: I think both are great. Personally, I prefer the variant with a décolleté, at the Wiesn it can also be a bit sexy.

Swarovski: The right bag and shoes enhance every outfit. Add some jewelry and you're done. The perfect Oktoberfest look naturally includes a beautiful, traditional braided hairstyle. My stylist Rada sometimes works fresh flowers into the hairstyle.

Swarovski: An absolute no-go is if the dirndl is too short. In my opinion, a dirndl should always be at least above the knees.

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