Vegan alternative: Make scented candles yourself: How to combine your favorite scents

Paraffin is a waste product derived from petroleum.

Vegan alternative: Make scented candles yourself: How to combine your favorite scents

Paraffin is a waste product derived from petroleum. Although it is vegan, it is harmful to people and nature: cheap candles in particular contain questionable colors, varnishes and fragrances that are released when they burn and can cause allergic reactions or other health problems. Candles made from soybean and rapeseed wax, which you can buy ready-made or simply make yourself, are therefore much more sustainable. This has the advantage that you can determine the colors and smells yourself. You can find out which ingredients are necessary for this and where scented candles are best drawn as follows.

You don't necessarily need new vessels to make scented candles: keep old, burnt out tea lights and use the small aluminum containers to make new candles. You can simply reorder suitable wicks for this. Alternatively, classic cookie cutters are also suitable for making candles by placing them on a piece of baking paper and placing the wicks in the middle. The important thing with this method is that you first pour in a thin layer of hot wax and let it set before you fill the mold completely. If you want to be particularly creative, hollowed-out orange peels can also be used as candle holders, then the scent is included. Ice cube trays or baking molds made of silicone are even more practical, although the size is decisive here.

Another tip: If you order a complete set for making scented candles, you will find all the necessary utensils in it - from soy wax to candle tins to wicks and scented oils.

If you would like to make your own scented candles, you only need a few basic ingredients: odorless wax granules, preferably made from soybean oil (beeswax also works, but it is not vegan and naturally has a stronger odor), suitable candle wicks made of cotton and your favorite scent - either in the form of essential oils or you can use dried spices and flowers. Orange peel and coffee powder, cinnamon and vanilla, rosemary and lavender are particularly popular. There are no limits to the possibilities. You can use special wax colors to color the candles, which they mix in during the melting process. Finally, add the following items to the list of ingredients: a small saucepan, a heatproof bowl, matching candle holders (as described above), small wooden skewers, and a pair of scissors.

Once you have all the basic ingredients together, candle production can begin. Wearing simple dishwashing gloves is recommended to protect your skin from wax splashes.

After about 24 hours, the scented candles (at room temperature) should be completely dry and can be lit directly or given away.

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