US singer: Early death of a teen heartthrob: Aaron Carter died

Fans and companions mourn the US singer Aaron Carter, who died at the age of 34.

US singer: Early death of a teen heartthrob: Aaron Carter died

Fans and companions mourn the US singer Aaron Carter, who died at the age of 34. The surprising death of the former child star on Saturday was confirmed by his agent Roger Paul, citing Carter's mother. "She called me and said her son was dead," Paul told the German Press Agency on the phone. All other details and circumstances would be clarified and then communicated, it said.

When asked, the Los Angeles police confirmed an operation in Lancaster, California, but did not give any details.

Reports that Carter was found in a bathtub were initially unconfirmed. A written statement from management said: "We are extremely saddened and shocked to confirm today the death of Aaron Carter. His cause of death is currently under investigation." Please be considerate of the family. Carter had recently struggled with mental health issues and drug and drug addiction.

Carter's brother Nick, who is also a musician and is currently touring with the Backstreet Boys, was dismayed. "My heart is broken today. Although my brother and I had a complicated relationship, my love for him never waned," Carter wrote on Instagram Sunday. He blamed drugs and the ex-child star's mental health.

The truth is, "addiction and mental illness are the real villains here." He had always hoped that Aaron would eventually find a healthy path. Now he has the chance to finally find peace in the afterlife. "God please take care of my little brother," wrote the 42-year-old.

The US singer and actress Hilary Duff found touching words for Carter on Instagram, with whom she was in a relationship in the early 2000s: "I am deeply sorry that life was so difficult for you and that you had to fight - before your eyes around the world," she wrote. "You had a charm that was absolutely bubbly. Boy did my teenage self love you."

Failed comeback attempts

Millions of girls were in love with Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter's younger brother in the late '90s, when he was rising to stardom with hits like "Crush On You" and "Aaron's Party." He was still a child then.

Since then, comeback attempts have repeatedly failed. Most recently, the teen star made bad news instead of music. So the brothers Nick and Aaron quarreled publicly – and made bad allegations. In 2019, Nick claimed his younger brother made threats against the family. Aaron was also at odds with his twin sister Angel – after all, Nick and Angel applied for a ban on contact.

Taking to Instagram, Angel declared her deep love for her twin: "I loved you beyond measure. You will be sorely missed. My funny, sweet Aaron, I have so many memories of you and I and I promise to cherish them. Me know you've found your peace now. I'll carry you with me until the day I die and see you again." The 34-year-old also posted children's photos of the two.

Aaron isn't the first child the Carter family loses early on. In 2012, sister Leslie Carter, also in the pop music business, died at the age of 25, reportedly from a drug overdose.

experiences with drugs

Aaron Carter has repeatedly spoken about his own illnesses and experiences with drugs. In the TV show "The Doctors" he revealed to the media that he suffers from multiple personality disorders, schizophrenia and acute anxiety. He is also manic-depressive. Around three years ago, he said he was taking multiple medications to help manage his mental health issues.

In November 2021, the singer became a father. "Prince is precious, I love you son," he wrote on Instagram at the time. A week later he separated from his mother, his fiancee Melanie Martin. Going their separate ways for "personal reasons," he wrote on Twitter. In several messages, Carter complained about alleged lies and interference from his family. At the time, he accused his ex-fiancée of secretly maintaining contact with his twin sister. It is now his most important task as a single father to take care of his son, Carter wrote at the time.

Though reactions to him on social media were often negative, Carter seemed to be celebrating the attention as a success, arguing on Twitter with users who provoked or poked fun at him. At the end of October, however, he thanked everyone on his Twitter account for the support. The year has been difficult, but now he is ready for a new chapter in which he wants to set up a "beautiful life for his family," he wrote in a post about the sale of one of his houses.

Carter's troubles were seen by many as a result of his early fame. Experts keep pointing out the high pressure that is placed on children and young people in the US entertainment industry. Cameras and microphones constantly aimed at celebrities have been joined in the past decade by online social media.

Carter became an example of the sadly typical trajectory of child stars: rapid success at an age when fame is hard to fathom. Then the big kink, with alcohol or drug addiction, rehab or arrests. The police were also repeatedly at Aaron Carter's door - around 2019, when emergency workers broke down his apartment door because, according to an emergency call, Carter may have suffered an overdose. At the time, he explained that it was a false alarm.

US songwriter Diane Warren referred to the burden of early stardom: "Fame at a young age is often more a curse than a blessing, and survival is not easy. Rest In Peace Aaron Carter," she wrote on Twitter. Carter's management said: "Aaron knew that sometimes he didn't make the best decisions, but he suffered the consequences of it." He always tried to fix things and make amends. "Aaron Carter really loved life."

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