United Airlines doesn't let Narwall Masks as a suitable face covering over communicating concerns

After two brothers in New Jersey were kicked off a United Airlines flight past month, it was not because they did not wish to put on masks.

United Airlines doesn't let Narwall Masks as a suitable face covering over communicating concerns

That is the reason why they purchased Narwall Masks, airtight face protects with inhale and exhale filtration methods which were motivated by scuba masks.

But when they attempted to board their plane together with all the Narwall Masks on, the brothers were asked to take off them -- since they did not obey the airline's coverage -- and use surgical masks rather, according to a report by NorthJersey.com.

When they refusedthey had been kicked off the flight.

"It does not match the standards image of this paper and fabric mask which everybody's seen a thousand times," Rob informed NorthJersey.com, including:"If I am attempting to transcend that for my safety and my own comfort, to protect my newborn in the home and my family that's at risk -- that is my best."

United Airlines spokesperson Charles Hobart told Fox News the Narwall Masks do not align with the organization's present mask coverage.

"We had a few issues that a mask such as this could create specific impediments in many different potential emergency situations that could in reality occur onboard an airplane," Hobart said.

He clarified , specifically, the section of the mask which covers the wearer's whole nose and mouth makes it hard for the wearer to speak clearly -- that could make communicating harder during a possible emergency situation in a flight.

"It simply didn't make sense to permit masks such as that onboard when there are perfectly suitable choices," Hobart said about other masks, like surgical masks, which he stated were provided to Rob and William in their trip to Florida.

In the end, the brothers failed to wind up wearing more conventional masks, based on NorthJersey.com.

Even though they missed their initial flight, seven hours later, Rob and William chose another United trip to Florida, wearing both fabric and surgical masks to get additional protection.

But, Rob advised NorthJersey.com he rebooked his return flight home using another airline, after assessing the Narwall Masks could be permitted on the airport.

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