Ulla Kock am Brink: "I used to not be able to handle praise well"

Mare biting, ideals of beauty and a lack of self-esteem - TV star Ulla Kock am Brink (61) reports openly and with a lot of wit in her book "Die Glücksritterin.

Ulla Kock am Brink: "I used to not be able to handle praise well"

Mare biting, ideals of beauty and a lack of self-esteem - TV star Ulla Kock am Brink (61) reports openly and with a lot of wit in her book "Die Glücksritterin. Leben ist, if man laughs anyway" (11.10., Kampenwand Verlag) from her career and her Life. "It's about my wild Pippi Longstocking childhood in Bottrop to the Ulla I am today," she writes about her work on Instagram. In an interview with spot on news, the 61-year-old reveals: "Today I am more balanced and satisfied and know exactly what fills me up, which people I love in my environment."

Ulla Kock am Brink: Both are my elixir of life. Finding a whimsical or funny side to events and challenges in life makes life so much easier. Laughter and humor bring people together and also reduce atmospheric tension.

Kock am Brink: In the beginning there were actually only short stories that helped me to process some things from my life in a difficult life situation. And then friends who had read one or the other story suggested making a book out of it. In fact, there was no question of publication at all. Those around me kept encouraging me to make it accessible to others as well. And over time my doubts subsided and I thought, then out with it!

Kock am Brink: For me, the rerun of the show was like seeing an old friend I had lost touch with - the chemistry was there right away. It was a lot of fun for me and I think the viewers felt the same way. I heard and read a lot of positive things after the first broadcast. That is not something that can be taken for granted, and I was very happy about it. The second "100,000 Mark Show" runs on Sunday evening, October 23rd.

Kock am Brink: That doesn't bother me at all, because after all I had my breakthrough with this show and a successful program that I was able to present for several years. And I still like the "100,000 Mark Show" so much that I like to be identified with it.

Kock am Brink: A lot has changed there - thanks to the public discussion about bullying, solidarity and support among women, the social ostracism of such behavior has now reached the general public. There is a greater awareness of this issue - and I hope that this development will continue.

Kock am Brink: The many reality formats that thrive on the social or intellectual inability of F-Z celebrities are striking. This is sometimes quite amusing and sometimes just plain embarrassing. Fortunately, the shows have new lighthouses like "Who's stealing the show?" or "Because they don't know what's going to happen!". Original, casual, humorous and equipped with clever, talented hosts. A lot has happened there. The entertainment has become more varied - but a little more of it wouldn't hurt.

Kock am Brink: Definitely! Everyone should decide for themselves how they feel comfortable - making themselves a little independent of the respective ideals of beauty can only be healthy and reduces the eternal fight against "whatever". I've always felt a reluctance to prescribed ideals and have always decided for myself whether I want to optimize something about myself - or not. I have always made these decisions independently of trends. One less stress point in life - wonderful!

Kock am Brink: Yes, there are pants without elastane, but they are just one size larger than before. (laughs)

Kock am Brink: I used to not be able to handle praise or compliments very well - I dismissed them or even denied them. Luckily for me that has changed. Maybe it's because I appreciate and classify myself much better today.

Kock am Brink: It's really uncomfortable when so many fears influence how we think and act. So I listened to myself and thought about how I could replace this feeling with other, positive self-assessments. Instead of saying, "Oh god, what does this person think of me now, I'm more confident today and say, "I'm good at what I do - if the other person doesn't feel that way, I'd rather not work at all you or find me another project partner". Self-doubt tends to arise when you don't know whether you are able to meet the expectations of others. But your own expectations are much more important. The art is to be benevolent Being true to yourself, i.e. having realistic expectations of yourself. It is helpful to be self-critical about your own weaknesses, but above all to look at your strengths. And then do things that make your strengths visible.

Kock am Brink: This topic has finally come to an end!

Kock am Brink: Today I am more balanced and content and I know exactly what fulfills me, which people I love in my environment. I know what I need to be happy and I know the way to get this feeling. I make my life much easier and clearer. Today I simply know what and who I need for a good attitude towards life.