TV tip: "Sievers and the big bang" on ZDF

A powerful bang shook Sylt.

TV tip: "Sievers and the big bang" on ZDF

A powerful bang shook Sylt. Inspector Ina Behrendsen (Julia Brendler) has just stopped a transporter on the island road after a daring overtaking maneuver, in Wild West style. She urgently needs a plumber, but he doesn't have time. "Did you also hear that bang?" Minutes later she asks her boss Carl Sievers (Peter Heinrich Brix).

But he has other problems: Both are standing in front of a pretty thatched roof villa next to a red vintage car. Its owner is next to it, dead. A victim full of secrets, as it turns out in the "Nord Nord Mord" crime thriller "Sievers and the big bang" on Monday at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF.

Maria, the housekeeper, found Friedel Tanner's dead body. For Sievers, the young Russian woman, who also works for the Möller brothers' garden service, is suspicious. Although there are no traces of violence on the dead man. Tanner was "a nice man" and always gave good tips, reports Maria. He lived in seclusion on the island. "Nice photos, classy cameras, expensive wines, somehow it all seems overboard," Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk) plays with his analysis of the villa for the third time this morning after he was too late at the scene of the crime.

Investigators uncover new mysteries at every step

There is no indication of who the man was at all. And with every step they take, the investigators uncover new secrets: revealing pictures of Maria are found in a camera. Her friend Lasse Möller plays it down, but can hardly contain his jealousy, and his brother Rico also seems to be somehow disturbed.

Suddenly the vintage car drives through town again, a woman at the wheel. She also has access to the house, but assures her a little too often that her relationship with the dead man was purely sexual. "I don't know anything about his life and he doesn't know anything about mine." Meanwhile, Ina suspects that the Möller brothers are stealing expensive wine from their rich customers and selling it via an Internet platform - and that Tanner found out. According to the results of the autopsy, he was hit hard in the chest, "like a locomotive".

Entrepreneur under a false name

While Feldmann spends the nights in an American online seminar, is only half busy during the day and at most gives to the clever ones, Ina and Sievers find a connection between the dead and the end of two stowaways on a container ship. They came from the same place on Lake Baikal as Maria, whose cousins ​​are also on Sylt and almost drive past Tanner's lover. When Sievers puts the woman through the wringer, it turns out that she is actually Tanner's widow, that his name was completely different and that he was one of the three shareholders in the ship. The entrepreneur had hidden under a false name out of fear.

Sievers has been investigating since 2018 as a taciturn commissioner on the North Sea island with the pragmatic Ina and the over-ambitious Feldmann. This new story penned by "Nord Nord Mord" author Benno Kürten lives from bizarre types, absurd scenes and the well-rehearsed trio of inspectors including personal tics. But Feldmann's know-it-all attitude has almost fatal consequences this time.