TV soaps: This is what's happening in the soaps today

Franka suffers a tragic loss when she loses her baby.

TV soaps: This is what's happening in the soaps today

Franka suffers a tragic loss when she loses her baby. Still shocked, she can't bring herself to inform Marvin directly. Marvin only finds out about Franka's stay in the hospital through Ben. The loss of their child hits Marvin deeply, and he torments himself with feelings of guilt for leaving Franka alone at that moment. Franka is also unable to approach Marvin and even pushes him away. In her grief over the lost baby, Julius has a close moment with Mo, but Franka warns her brother not to get his hopes up.

Vincent remains skeptical and believes that Philipp is only interested in Ana's inheritance. Concerned, he turns to Nicole, who suddenly remembers a conversation between Zoe and Philipp in which he mentioned that he was no longer interested in money. Had he known about Ana's inheritance before? Unsure, Nicole decides to play the recording for Ana to see her reaction. Erik and Yvonne want to take part in the darts tournament together to win first prize. But during training it becomes clear that they are not good enough to achieve their goal. When Erik discovers that Greta is very good at darts, he desperately tries to get her as a new playing partner, but he realizes that he is too late.

Vivien finally decides to have a caesarean section, but on the condition that Tobias is at her side. When Valentin organizes a special gift for Cecilia, Paula is thrilled and has some romantic suggestions. Fynn's call to his mother ends in disappointment and causes trouble between Ringo and Easy.

Imani tries to stay away from a patient, but the attraction between them is too strong. Chiara's decision touches Ava deeply and surprises Chiara. When Kim realizes that she can't handle the favorite point without Ben, she accepts Maximilian's offer to help for Ben's sake.

Yvonne is looking forward to a wellness day with Moritz, but he is struggling with a hangover. But Yvonne's good mood is suddenly disrupted when she comes across a nasty surprise. Erik is accidentally knocked down by Flo when she mistakes him for a burglar in the dark masonry. While Erik quickly forgives, Toni shows little understanding of the situation.