TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Marvin asks Charlotte to leave Lüneburg with him, but she refuses.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Marvin asks Charlotte to leave Lüneburg with him, but she refuses. Gunter can convince him not to rush into anything. Marvin then becomes unsure and then suddenly his father stands in front of him. Amelie keeps Jorik at bay because she fears he might develop feelings for her. He is annoyed by Amelie's dismissive attitude and makes it clear to her that he doesn't want anything permanent. When Amelie then wants to continue the affair, Jorik brushes her off.

Erik's plan to pretend to be Ajay Khan in order to get Ulrike to fall in love with him seems to be working. During a meal together, for which she even had his favorite Indian dish prepared, Ulrike admits that she would even leave her husband for him. André was successful with his fake application: Greta, whose CV he polished up, is hired and he is officially released from his current contract. But he can't fool Helene that easily, because she puts one and one together when she finds out how surprised Hildegard is by Greta's attitude.

Alarmed, Bambi recognizes himself in the police identikit. He tries to cover his tracks - and thus attracts Sina's attention. After Cecilia kicked her out of the hotel, Jenny needs a new place to live and fights for her place in a shared apartment. While Vivien fears that their fundamentally different life plans will mean the end of her marriage to Tobias, he doesn't want to give up without a fight.

Kilian is observed in an alleged car theft. Deniz is in good spirits because the rehabilitation measures are bearing fruit, but then he overestimates his strength and ends up on the ground of facts. Now he has to get back up quickly. Jenny and Justus are working flat out. The two can hardly believe that their preparations are going like clockwork. A bad omen or pure luck?

Erik is shocked because he almost caused a catastrophic fire. At the same time, he has a kind of awakening moment in the face of Toni's melted pillow and he begins to fight for his relationship. Michi confuses everyone with the fact that he has bed bugs. When that turns out to be a false alarm, Gerner and Yvonne have already hired an expensive exterminator, so Michi prefers to keep his mouth shut.