TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Bernd decides to go to Norderney.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Bernd decides to go to Norderney. He is deeply affected by the news that Sandra and Mathias are now a couple. During one last joint operation, the thief from Dilay's service pistol turns up. Can the two catch him? Britta is disappointed that Hendrik operated on Lilly while under the influence of pills and suspended him from his work. But she is so offended that she goes one step further and throws him out of the apartment they share.

Valentina is beside herself after Vanessa's medication mix-up. When she takes care of Vroni and Noah visits her at the same time, she gets the impression that Valentina is so nervous because of him. So Vroni encourages him to try to flirt with his queen of hearts. After Helene found out about André's insidious action, she vented her disappointment in front of the assembled team in the kitchen. All of André's attempts to soothe him fail and Michael can only shake his head at André.

Chris finally wants to break away from Corinna, but when he meets Jenny in the hotel, things take a turn for the worse. Little does David know that Jessica has her eye on him. With her knowledge of his intrigue, he shouldn't mess with her. Paco believes that Stella is happy with Jakob, so he decides to gallantly put his feelings aside. Will that work out in the long run?

Nathalie also enjoys the bad sides of her new situation, until something unforeseen happens. Leyla keeps trying to train with Luca, but the two just don't speak the same language.

Tobias doesn't have an answer for Carlos as to whether he will tell Katrin about founding the company. However, while Tobias decides against it to protect Katrin, Carlos and Nina put everything on one card. Moritz comes across Laura's children's letter and is shocked to see how deep the injury from the break with Yvonne is. The siblings find solace in each other - until they meet Gerner.