TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Hendrik dismisses Britta's concern for him.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Hendrik dismisses Britta's concern for him. When a surgical simulation goes well for him, he enjoys his reputation. He is supposed to take on a difficult operation, but the patient is Lilly! Tense, Hendrik takes the stimulant again. Malte selects Ben's truck tour for the planned robbery. But then Malte is shocked to discover that Ralf knows his name from police files. But the planned insurance fraud can no longer be stopped.

Valentina is still shocked by the accident that happened on her trip with Vroni and blames herself. When Vanessa suffers a dizzy spell, Valentina is supposed to give her the right medication. But she is completely upset and gives Vanessa a pill that is by no means suitable for pregnant women. After André acted with Max as if Helene would put her own happiness aside for the planned multi-generation flat share, Max tries to talk his mother out of the flat share. Helene takes it the wrong way and has the feeling that everyone wants to get rid of her and deport her to South Africa.

Stella has to learn and therefore rejects both Paco and Jakob. With a trick, however, Jakob finds a way for a welcome distraction. Theo learns that André's complaint against Paula could have serious consequences. When he wants to settle the matter, André mocks him bitterly. Ute is relieved when Benedikt actually moves out of the apartment. But is she also doing the right thing for Maja?

Simone wants to bring the German championship to the Steinkamp center. When she tries to convince the BDE President, a surprising incident occurs. Nathalie can't contain her anticipation and lets herself be carried away to a premature decision. Justus wants to cover Jenny's back and takes over part of the preparations with Isabelle. But this makes Jenny feel left out.

Johanna, who is quite depressed after Sunny's departure, lets Luis comfort her. Thanks to him, she can finally laugh from her heart again. However, Luis has no idea that Johanna will soon start to swarm for him. Emily is saddened that she actually overslept Kate's birthday. The atmosphere is correspondingly subdued. Emily does whatever it takes to make up for her faux pas.