TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Merle motivates Gunter to confess his relapse to David in a letter.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Merle motivates Gunter to confess his relapse to David in a letter. With Simon's support, he manages to put the right words on paper - a liberating feeling. Hendrik is getting nervous! Britta no longer wants to have him operated on because of his frequent pain attacks - unless he can be examined. But then his addiction could fly.

Christoph is angry with Alexandra because she wants to protect Markus from imprisonment. He fears that Markus' acquittal will reduce his chances of family life with Alexandra and Eleni. Because Markus will not give up without a fight. So Christoph gives Alexandra a choice: If she gets Markus out of prison, then he will tell Eleni the truth about his paternity. Helene and André are shocked by Michael's first diagnosis. When he brings them the redeeming news a little later that he has found the cause of Helene's condition, the two breathe a sigh of relief. They spend a nice day together and decide not to let Max and Gerry know about the visit to Dr. to tell Niederbühl.

Eva admits to Dominic the property fraud that led to the argument with her friend Ute, but withholds one very important detail from him. After having sex with Jakob, Stella finds it easier to meet Paco. Unfortunately, she overestimates herself. Rufus quickly realizes that Britta is behind the taxi's missing tires. When Rufus confronts her, he gets a big surprise.

Simone and Deniz can finally bring good news to the squad on the way back from the BDE. But then a terrible fate befalls her. Justus assumes that Axel forged the divorce papers to blackmail Jenny. When he confronts Axel, his reaction surprises him. Gabriel tries to make Maria understand that he is through with her. But when she demands a clarifying conversation, his wall crumbles.

When Laura Moritz surprisingly waived his debts, he was very moved by his sister's gesture. Nevertheless, his modeling career is almost idle and the money is slipping through his fingers as quickly as he deserves it. Jessica enjoys her love affair with Tuner. However, it is clear to her that she does not want to and cannot keep up her lie for much longer. It's just stupid that Nina is wrongly suspicious.