TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Carla has her cancer follow-up appointment coming up.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Carla has her cancer follow-up appointment coming up. In the hospital she unexpectedly gets help from Amelie and is grateful to her for that. Norbert's sudden appearance causes a commotion: Nici is happy that her grandfather is there for her birthday and Sandra can handle her father's odd nature well. But Dörte doesn't get along with his insensitive nature. She throws everything at Norbert that she has wanted to say for a long time. Norbert doesn't care - to Dörte's horror he wants to try again with her.

Although Michael is certain that his decision was the right one, self-doubt gnaws at him. Once again his life partner has fallen in love with someone else and Michael feels that he is not destined to be happy with a woman for a long time. When Christoph courts Alexandra again, she pushes him away. She is certain that she will not part with Markus because, unlike Christoph, she can always rely on Markus. But Alexandra's heart feels more than her head wants to know.

When Stella realizes that Jakob is spying on her, she wants to flee. She doesn't manage to give up Paco's friendship and takes a big risk. Rufus is happy when Lulu humorously forgives his uncharming remark about her age, but the peace and harmony are abruptly interrupted. Benedikt sees through Ute that he has offended Ringo and shows himself unusually devoted. Ringo has long since switched sides.

Jenny is optimistic that Justus and Simone will provide the additional budget that she needs. But she has no idea that the two already have their own plans. Nathalie is resolute in selling the camper. But is this the right way to get rid of her guilt towards Finn? Leyla is increasingly annoyed by Anna and continues to see her as competition. Otherwise so collegial, Leyla now has trouble curbing her displeasure.

Laura refuses to let John put a gun to her chest and accepts his decision regarding the masonry. And since both stubborn heads don't jump over their shadows, it stays that way. Gerner is slowly fed up with his long-term subtenant Michi. To his surprise, Yvonne agrees to diplomatically teach Michi to move out.