TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Charlotte and Simon are shocked by their father's accidental death.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Charlotte and Simon are shocked by their father's accidental death. Simon swallows his sadness and is ashamed of the angry voice message on his father's answering machine. Meanwhile, Charlotte is worried about not being able to reach her mother. Then Doris Dahlmann is at the door. Hannes is planning a voluntary neighborhood project. Amelie wants to persuade Hannes to cooperate, because such a project would be good for the reputation of the hotel. But Hannes saw through Amelie and canceled. And Jorik accuses her of using people to her advantage.

Erik has little fun training for the upcoming chess game with Werner. Yvonne wants to motivate him with a game of striptease chess that he should then remember. In fact, that seems to help, because when playing chess, Erik keeps seeing Yvonne instead of Werner. But then Werner's voice snaps him out of his reverie and Erik realizes that he has reached for Werner's hand in his thoughts. Gerry and Shirin disagree when planning their honeymoon. While Gerry would like to camp, Shirin would rather stay at the hotel. But when she sees Gerry's enthusiasm, she agrees on the condition that in addition to the camping gear, all her luggage must also fit in the small car.

Christine's surgery is successful. Nothing stands in the way of a reconciliation between Ute and Benedikt - except for Matilda and Maja. Theo helps Paula get over her fear of André's trial, but one little thing shatters her self-confidence. Sina's trust in Bambi is shaken. She has no idea that the theft of medicines is attracting attention elsewhere.

Jenny and Justus have no idea what conspiracy is taking shape behind their backs. Kim is stunned to see her mentor Steg Lindblom brazenly claiming her designs are his. The designer finally gives in and makes an offer. While Deniz Imani promises to take time for his full recovery, Simone is counting on Deniz's return after the successful German championship.

Moritz continues to be blackmailed by Frey and, in his distress, asks Laura for advice. When Moritz sets off on his next "date" to finally free himself from his blackmailer, he has a pursuer: Luis? Jonas makes it very clear to Johanna that he doesn't want to be a stopgap for Luis. Affected, Johanna apologizes for hurting his feelings, which is almost too much for Jonas.